Palm Coast – The City of Palm Coast is participating in the National Citizen Survey as part of the annual Strategic Action Planning process and in conjunction with the ongoing comprehensive plan update, “Imagine 2050.” This initiative aims to gather invaluable feedback from residents on various city services, recreational programs, economic vitality, and more to inform future decisions and priorities.

The first phase of this citizen outreach endeavor involves a scientifically selected group of residents who will receive mailed survey materials beginning this week. Considered the “Golden Ticket” recipients, these residents are encouraged to view their participation as a unique opportunity to contribute to the shaping of Palm Coast’s future. The City highly encourages these individuals to make every effort to complete the survey, ensuring their feedback becomes an integral part of the benchmarking process and aids in strategic planning for the community.

Following the scientific portion of the survey, starting on March 30, all residents will have the chance to provide their input through an online link that will be made available. Although the open survey results won’t be scientifically derived, they will provide a broader perspective on how the general population feels about key aspects of city life.

The Palm Coast City Council Members depend on resident feedback to guide strategic planning efforts and set priorities for the months and years ahead. The gathered insights from this survey will play a crucial role in crafting policies, enhancing services, and addressing community needs.

“We want our residents to actively participate in this survey and see it as a chance to voice their opinions on the future direction of Palm Coast. The information gathered will be instrumental in shaping our community’s priorities and ensuring that we continue to grow in a way that aligns with the aspirations of our diverse population,” said Palm Coast Mayor David Alfin.

Residents are encouraged to check their mailboxes for survey materials and, when the online link becomes available, take a few moments to share their thoughts. The City of Palm Coast looks forward to a comprehensive response from the community, contributing to a vision that reflects the collective aspirations of its residents.

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