PALM COAST, Fla. (February 22, 2024) – As more companies along the Space Coast are making inroads into the aerospace industry, on Thursday Flagler Tiger Bay Club keynote Speaker Dan Wagner shared information on how Flagler County’s economic development teams and workforce could become part of the lucrative supply chain delivery system.

Sharing at the macro level Bechtel Corporation’s involvement with NASA’s Artemis Program Wagner shed light on how the region’s service providers and manufacturers could become part of the contracting process.

“I actually talked with the project this morning. The project has material and service requirements, literally the nuts and bolts.  For example, the project may request small industrial items, sustainment services for the Mobile Launcher 2 tower, equipment rentals, and electrical components.  Many of the large, complex contracts are in execution.  We want to engage the supply chain in this area.  It’s not too late for local suppliers to earn business,” said Wagner.

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders and Workforce

Part of the Flagler Tiger Bay Club’s mission is to welcome students from the region’s high schools, colleges and universities.

On Thursday, students from Matanzas High School Law and Justice Program and Flagler Palm Coast High School’s dual enrollment program with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) attended to learn more about career opportunities.

“I think it’s an exceptional way to understand that kids can engage in career path development in real time, real life. This is one of our highlights. This is really at another level,” said ERAU adjunct professor Brian Jacobi, who attended the luncheon with eight students. He said they are looking forward to additional opportunities to participate with the Flagler Tiger Bay Club.

Wagner hosted a discussion and activity after the luncheon, encouraged by the level of engagement by the students.

“The future is collaboration across cultures and stakeholders to solve complex problems.  The students today are going to be leading in the future.  I was impressed with the students’ and young executives’ ability to work in small teams to resolve a challenge and communicate with clarity and confidence.”

Creating Economic Opportunities for Flagler County

Palm Coast Mayor David Alfin was enthusiastic about the chance to tap into the industry and looking forward to further conversations with Wagner regarding opportunities for economic development in Palm Coast.

“The message today was he needs Palm Coast’s help. He inspired me to go visit and go tour the facility at the rocket launch site so that I can work with our economic development people. He’s already given us a finish line, now I’m going to back up and find the suppliers to build the supply chain to find the products and services that he needs to make sure the Artemis Project is a huge success for the United States,” said Alfin.

Wagner, a supply chain leader with Bechtel Corporation, shared that the company had invested more than $154 million in small businesses in Florida, and more than $30 million in the state’s large businesses, noting that these are the careers of the future and the future of Florida.

“It’s my aspiration that we have suppliers from this part of the country, this part of the state, to contribute to the success of the project, said Wagner. “This is a national project and we want to ensure the supply chain in Florida is best positioned to sustain the support to the NASA Artemis mission.”

For those interested in learning more, Wagner said the door is open.

“Contact me, so I can introduce companies in the Palm Coast area to opportunities that support the Mobile Launcher 2 project as well as other national and international projects.  We have a healthy pipeline of work and seek the active engagement with suppliers in the region,” he said.

Continuing to build on the economic development opportunities of the future, the Flagler Tiger Bay Club will welcome James F.X. Payne, V.P. of Business Development at SecureG on March 20th, 2024. Pre-registration is required.

Leadership Tidbit:

Imparting valuable leadership wisdom applicable to any business team, Wagner focused on fundamental qualities of a successful team including innovation, perseverance, leadership, and collaboration across a diverse, multi-functional team to accomplish the mission.