Ahoy, anglers! This is Captain Adam Morley, coming to you from the shores of Flagler County. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to hit the water myself this past week due to the exciting opening of our new store, “The Inlet Beach and General Store,” near Matanzas Inlet. But fear not, because I’ve got a special treat for you all—a fishing report from my good friend Chris over at Skinnywater Lures!

Take it away, Chris!

Chris here from Skinnywater Lures. The new moon phase kicked off the week with an awesome inshore bite early in the morning, slowing down midday and picking back up late in the evening thanks to the extra light.

Good numbers of Snook have been reported along the sea wall in the Palm Coast canals, using artificial lures or live finger mullet at dawn or dusk. The bait fish have returned to the flats, with mid-sized finger mullet pushing into the back flats. This increase in baitfish has led to a rise in Redfish activity in the High Bridge, Long Creek, and Matanzas areas. Focus on flooded oyster bars during high tide, where numerous Redfish can be found “sunning” and waiting to ambush passing baitfish. This presents a great site casting opportunity, so slow down and keep your eyes open in these areas.

The SWL twitch bait or 4-inch paddle tail are the lures of choice to avoid getting snagged in oysters while still enticing strikes. The full moon this week led to a hot nighttime trout bite around dock lights. Using a SWL twitch bait or a popping cork with a 3-inch paddle tail proved successful in attracting these “mustard mouths.” The popping cork or twitch bait allowed for casting up current and letting the lure drift back across the lights or “strike zone,” with strikes often occurring on the pause.

If you’re curious about why they are nicknamed mustard mouths, simply catch a Speckled sea trout and take a look inside their mouth. You’ll notice that the interior is the color of mustard. As the warm, sunny days approach, remember to wear sunscreen, sun protection, and grab your fishing pole to enjoy the water!