Ahoy fellow anglers,

I must admit, this past week has been a bit of a struggle for us out on the Matanzas River. Unfavorable weather conditions and the recent full moon phase made for some tough fishing days. Despite our best efforts, the bite was slow, and we had to put in extra work to reel in some redfish, trout, and jacks. Our go-to lures, the Kiss My Fish Creepers and Fishbites paddle tails, certainly came in handy.

However, not all hope is lost. While my boat encountered some challenges, other anglers had better luck, and the reports have been promising. It’s heartening to hear about the following success stories:

  • Pompano sightings in the surf, with multiple reports of impressive limits caught using ghost shrimp and live sand fleas on float rigs paired with Sputnik sinkers.
  • The cooler weather has sparked a surge in trout activity, although the size might not be as impressive. Keep an eye on the high, moving water along grass lines, and don’t forget to utilize live shrimp under a popping cork or opt for topwater action during those early morning hours.
  • Redfish are still undergoing their transition phase, adjusting to the changing temperatures. The best results have come from using live shrimp and cut mullet, especially when looking for those schools nestled back in the creeks.
  • Black Drum have been quite cooperative, providing many anglers with satisfying limits, particularly in the holes of the tidal creeks.
  • And of course, the highly anticipated sheepshead have made their grand entrance! The chilly weather seems to have sparked their appetites, and they’re biting with fervor. Fiddler crabs, sand fleas, and muscles on bottom sweeper and bridge donkey jigs have proven to be the baits of choice for these feisty fighters.

In fact, the timing couldn’t be more perfect, as the Northeast Inshore Slayers fishing group is hosting their tournament this Saturday, complete with a public weigh-in and cookout. I’m thrilled to announce that yours truly will even be taking on the role of the guest DJ for the occasion. So, gear up, tighten those lines, and get ready for some action-packed fishing adventures ahead.

Tight lines and smooth sailing, Capt. Adam Morley