St. Augustine, FL – April 15, 2024 – Flagler College is thrilled to announce Jessica Harvey, a renowned environmental conservationist and the daughter of Guy Harvey, as the distinguished keynote speaker for this year’s Science Week 2024 kickoff event. The presentation, titled “Make Your Legacy an Adventure,” which provides a rare opportunity to hear from a leading figure in environmental conservation, will take place on Sunday, April 21, 2024, at 4:00 PM in the Ringhaver Student Center and is free and open to the public.

Jessica Harvey, born and raised in the vibrant Caribbean, credits her parents for instilling in her a profound love for wildlife and the great outdoors. Her journey led her to a fulfilling career as an environmental conservationist. As the Chief Executive Officer of the Guy Harvey Foundation, Jessica collaborates with her team to expand the STEAM-driven marine educational resources provided by the foundation and its partners to move our global community towards a greener economy and healthier environment – one country at a time.

Jessica’s role centers on education. She and her team devise innovative ways to engage communities and raise awareness about the critical importance of a balanced and thriving marine ecosystem through strategic partnerships with local NGOs, government departments, corporations, and private citizens.

Science Week: Celebrating 10 Years of Science! will honor the tenth anniversary of Flagler College’s Coastal Environmental Science (CES) major. Professors Barbara Blonder and Terri Seron, the faculty mentors who implemented the Capstone Symposium 10 years ago, will lead the occasion, showcasing our students and their research in the CES and Biology programs during the 25th Science Symposium Capstone Presentations.

In addition to Jessica Harvey’s keynote address and the culminating events of the Senior Capstone Symposium and Poster Presentations on April 24, Science Week will feature a range of unique events. These include an ecological boat tour, a student class showcase, and the intriguing Science of Wine fundraiser, offering our students and community members a diverse and engaging experience to learn about the sciences.

The Coastal Environmental Science (CES) program, a cornerstone of experiential learning and undergraduate research, ranks among the top four majors at Flagler College. With the recent addition of a Biology major, the department recognizes the need for expansion. Proceeds from the week of events will directly benefit the science program, supporting faculty growth, the establishment of a science modular laboratory, equipment upgrades, and academic scholarships.

Following Jessica Harvey’s inspiring address, “Make Your Legacy an Adventure,” attendees are invited to a Meet-and-Greet Reception.

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About Jessica Harvey

Jessica Harvey was born and raised in the Caribbean. Her love of the wildlife and the outdoors was inspired by her parents and led her into her career as an environmental conservationist. Now as the new Co-Chair of the Foundation, Jessica will work with her team to expand the STEAM driven marine educational resources provided by the foundation and it’s partners to move our global community towards a greener economy and healthier environment – one country at a time. Her role lies predominantly with education. Partnering with local NGOs, Government departments, corporations and private citizens, Jessica and her team plan creative ways to engage the community and bring awareness to the importance of a balanced and healthy marine ecosystem.