Palm Coast, FL – Part of growing up is letting go of things in our past and embracing new experiences. But as we mature, we tend to look fondly back on good times and return to those things that are meaningful.

So often it’s a song from our youth, a tap dancer we saw on stage as a teen or even a line from a play shared between a child and a grandparent that brings back those sweet and enduring memories of treasured moments.

At the Flagler Auditorium this year’s theme is all about valuing those special times and people who make our days even brighter.

Kicking off the season, “Let’s Hang On!” brings back the Jersey Boys sound of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons to the Flagler Auditorium stage on November 19th.

Billed as a top tribute to the 60’s crooner and his ensemble, “Let’s Hang On!” performs a number of the group’s signature hits including “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, “Sherry”, and the heart-melting “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, supported by a four piece band as they take audiences on a journey back to a time when life was simpler, and music ruled the day.

“The idea at this show is to really celebrate all the wonderful positive things we have in this community that bring us together. Let’s hang on to what we’ve got,” said Flagler Auditorium director, Amelia Fulmer.

Laced with high voltage entertainment, patrons of the arts have their choice of national acts headed this way for the upcoming season.

The American Sirens, December 17, 2021

From the Motown and Jersey sounds of the Doo Wop Project and The Bronx Wanderers, to the roaring 20’s cabaret act The American Sirens,  and Grammy Award-winning songstress Darlene Love, the Flagler Auditorium’s 28th season promises to be an immersion of arts and culture that’s been sorely missed over the past two years.


Like Your Seat? You Can Keep It

Offering a new opportunity to loyal patrons, the Flagler Auditorium unveiled their subscription packages this fall, and it’s giving those who love to be entertained a chance to pick their favorite spot in the 1,000 seat venue, and keep it for the entire season.

“We’re trying to grow our family, our tribe and so we would like for you to think about buying a ticket to every show,” said Fulmer. “What it does, is it makes you get a substantial discount, you choose your premium seat for two or just for one, and you get to sit in that seat every show, every time. All you have to do is pick your seat, and we do the rest.”

Canadian Brass, March 29, 2022

Starting with the top of the line “Spotlight Subscriber” it’s the best of the best with premium seating, tickets to every show, early VIP access and preshow hospitality in the Spotlight Room, invites to special meet and greet opportunities, reserved parking and a slew of other perks that will have you rubbing elbows with the crème de la crème of the entertainment industry while snapping photos to prove you were there.

“All of the benefits that we’ve had in the past, our top benefits, you get all of them. You become our family at the Flagler Auditorium.”

Grammy Award winner Darlene Love, December 11, 2021

Since taking the helm of the Dennis Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center director Amelia Fulmer has made it a priority to cultivate deeper relationships in the arts community while at the same time elevating the expectations for patrons with programs and perks often found at performing arts venues in major metropolitan cities.

Staying true to the venue’s roots, while offering world class entertainment on the Flagler Auditorium stage, Fulmer, a former educator, continues to enhance the learning opportunities for students of the arts by collaborating with professional artists to provide access to master classes and technical training designed to further the arts in education initiatives.

“The community has to be stronger because we exist and when you have a place for people to gather then people can do great things. This place was built to raise a priority for arts, raise the awareness of being part of a community together,” she said.

Last Child -The Aerosmith Experience, November 27, 2021

“That’s why we picked “Let’s Hang On!” as our first paid show. Because we have to hang on to what we have, we really do. That’s the theme of this year. Let’s enjoy the auditorium, let’s see each other, let’s come together.”

No matter what kind of entertainment tickles your fancy, with 20 shows in the lineup, you’re guaranteed to find show to put the sparkle in a night out.

For more information on the 2021-22 Season and Subscription Packages, visit

The Flagler Auditorium will host a pre-season sneak peek on October 20, 2021 as a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 



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