Out of 72,510 registered voters in Palm Coast, only 15,486 have cast a ballot.

I know what you’re saying. So what. Why bother?

Because this is Y(OUR) city and don’t you want to have a say so in the direction for the future?

And, besides feeling like you’ve done your civic duty, you’ll get a sticker. It’s true. Some people need tangible validation, and you can join the millions of voters who vote on election day and post a selfie of themselves and their “I Voted” sticker. I do it. And you know why? Because I’m proud to have the right to vote, live in a free country and have a say so.

Yes, I know this abbreviated election has been probably one of the ugliest in recent history (seems like we say that every election and they just keep getting nastier) but don’t let it make you stay home.

If nothing else, let it fuel your vote and inspire you to vote against incivility.

And just in case you’re done, like over it, completely sick of it, because it seems like everyone is fighting, here’s a little good news.

When asked in a social media poll what you loved about your city, people named tons of things that are great about this place where we live and the people in it.

Do you know what people from all over Palm Coast said they like?

From close proximity to the beach, the cleanliness, beautiful parks, paved roads, street lights, side walks, landscaped, nice citizens, low crime, to bike trails, “it’s one of the last places on the East coast in Florida still reasonable in prices”.

They love “watching the fishies jump and dolphins pass by from the luxury of the house xoxo so peaceful .. great helpful neighbors !!!,” and that ‘My family and friends are here and I’m close to the ocean’.

It’s the “Great central FL location. Easy access to Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and even Miami by Interstate Hwy. Ocala & Gainesville are easy rides on SR40. We live incredibly close to Beaches, tourist attractions and colleges”, and “the awesomeness of the people in this beautiful community”.

What else?

“I really like how many of the shopping centers are hidden back behind trees and not right up on the road”, “I’ve lived here 35 years. It’s home to me and my family. I love living here, It’s hard to list all the reasons, but mostly all the water – ICW, beaches – boaters’ paradise. We are so fortunate to have so much right here to do – outdoor activities galore & all free! Go north and you pay for parking, beaches, bathrooms, etc. – not here. We are a wonderful little paradise in my opinion! LOVE Palm Coast, LOVE Florida.”

“It’s a regular town not a tourist location but yet you’re right by the beach so easy to get to. Easy access to Saint Augustine, Jacksonville, Daytona and even Orlando if you like.”

What does this mean?

That in spite of the mudslinging and a few really loud voices that say everything thing is bad, we have a pretty good quality of life. We’re in a great spot, and we like the amenities the city is creating for its citizens. And we actually like each other.

Today, I encourage you to take a moment and stop into your regular voting precinct and cast your ballot. We can continue on the road to progress, prosperity and promise for our city or we can regress, become stagnant and watch as opportunity passes us by while shouting at each other from the pulpit.

If you need help finding your location, visit the Flagler County Supervisor of Elections Office website here.



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