Tell readers a bit about yourself. How long have you been in Palm Coast and your professional background.

I moved to Palm Coast FL in 2000 from Baltimore Maryland. As a mom I know firsthand how important it is to get kids involved in afterschool programs.  I worked as a para professional in the school system in Maryland. When I moved to Palm Coast I wanted to continue making a difference in the community. I applied to Flagler schools where I worked for 17 years as a Site Manager for Extended Day and Summer Camp. I wanted to grow in my career and so I applied for Flagler Sheriff’s Police Athletic League Program Coordinator. The best part of this job is getting to know the families in our community and with this job I still get to see some familiar faces at events!

You do some tremendous work with the Flagler Sheriff’s PAL. How long have you been working with the program and how did you get into it?

I have been as the Program Coordinator for 5 years now. When working for Flagler schools we always had a positive relationship with Flagler Sheriff’s PAL and FCSO. During summer camp we would bring the School Resource Deputies at summer Camp to promote safety and positive relationship with Deputies. The youth services division and Flagler Sheriff’s PAL work together to make a difference in our youth of Flagler County. We continue to try and create safe and engaging programs. For more information about PAL Programs please visit

Little kids – you either love working with them or you don’t, and we can see you really LOVE your job. Why do you love it so much and how do you keep your enthusiasm?

I am passionate about my job and yes I do love it! There is nothing like being in the store or at an event and having the kids run up to you. They always want to ask you about new programs, events and about the summer mobile PAL dates! The parents, coaches and volunteers are an enormous part in supporting the Flagler Sheriff’s PAL.

I want to thank everyone who has supported FSPAL and myself in the last 5 years for being the Program Coordinator. Together we make a difference in our community.

The kids keep me going honestly, I enjoy watching them grow up and give back to Flagler County!

What are some of the most important things PAL offers the kids of Flagler County?

FSPAL offers safe fun programs for Flagler county families and the chance to get to know some amazing deputies!

We also have a mentoring group with 21st Century learning centers (FTC) at Bunnell and Rymfire Elementary Schools.

You recently received an award from Sheriff Rick Staly. What was it and were you surprised? The Sheriff’s Citation Award, Certificate of Appreciation for helping with games and activities with Shop a Cop and Certificate of Commendation.

I was very surprised with all the attention, because you don’t do this job for the recognition. You do this job because you know you are making a difference in the lives of our youth!

Bonus: What’s on the horizon for the spring and summer, and how can parents get their kids involved?

Summer plans are underway as we speak! Our team enjoys the Mobile PAL days, this is FREE for families to come and play games, meet our Deputies and Sheriff, speak to community partners and other activities! We try to get to every part of the Flagler County. Please check back for the dates!

FSPAL is offering a Spring Break Mobile PAL on March 15th at Cattleman’s Hall from 10-2pm. This is free to families and lunch is provided! We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!