Guy Fieri is no stranger to the Volusia-Flagler area. In this edition of The Big Five we catch up with Collin Kennedy, Vice President of Marketing at Two Roads Brewing Company who talks about the Connecticut company’s collaboration with renowned foodie Guy Fieri to create the summer’s must have beverage as it hits the Florida market.

1. How did the collaboration between Two Roads and Guy Fieri come to be? Guy Fieri wanted to make spiked beverages that tasted like they came from his own kitchen. That meant a focus on bold flavors and real ingredients – and he wanted a partner that could help bring that to life. At Two Roads, we never compromise when it comes to using the highest-quality ingredients to deliver a beer – or in this case, spiked punch and tea – that’s full-on flavor, so the partnership was a natural fit. Our team’s brewing expertise combined with Guy’s culinary expertise to create a high-quality product that’s both bold and refreshing.

2. How exciting is it to launch new flavors, especially here in Florida? When you’re creating a brand that’s got “Flavortown” in the name – you can’t just have one flavor, so launching new flavors is what we set out to do from the start. We tested hundreds of variations until we landed on the final flavors in our new Flavortown Spiked Variety Pack. There’s no better place to roll it out than in Florida. Not only is it the perfect place to kick back with an ice cold can of Flavortown Spiked, but folks here really appreciate bold flavor and we’ve got incredible retail partners, like Publix and Total Wine & More, who are making sure shelves stay stocked.

3. What makes these the must have beverages of the summer?
There’s no wrong time to crack open a can of Flavortown Spiked, but these are ideal for summer sipping. When you think about what you want to drink by the pool or at the beach, you want something refreshing and fruit-forward. With flavors like Tiki Town Tropical Punch, crafted with real passion fruit, orange and mango juices; Fidddy Fidddy, half spiked tea and half spiked lemonade; Tangerine-N-Tea crafted with real brewed Kenyan and Chilean teas and real tangerine juice; and our original Fruit Punch, made with real orange and cranberry juices – our variety pack delivers on both in spades. Enjoy them ice cold in warm weather.

4. Can we look forward to other seasonal flavors in the fall?
Everyone is loving the initial flavors and right now we’re focused on making sure as many people as possible have a chance to try them. We’re always innovating and testing new recipes though, so stay tuned!

5. Will the brewery or Fieri be hosting any promotional tasting tours in Florida this summer?
We’re always looking for ways to collaborate with our partners on in-person tasting opportunities and are excited to share more on these events with fans in the future. In the meantime, folks can enter for a chance to meet Guy himself through our Road 2 Flavortown Sweepstakes, which is open for entries now through July 31st.