ST. AUGUSTINE, Florida (July 8, 2024) – Seaside Adventures, originators of Moke rentals in St. Augustine, Florida, are adding a new vehicle to the fleet, and it’s a true, one-of-a-kind creation. Tommy and Crystal Horton, co-owners and founders of Seaside Adventures since 2020, wanted to expand their popular Moke offerings, providing higher capacity vehicles for large families and parties. They are pleased to announce that the LiMoke, the first six-passenger Moke in existence, is now available for rent at their 606 North Ponce de Leon location in historic St. Augustine, Florida.

“This unique vehicle was inspired by customer feedback,” says Crystal Horton, co-founder and owner of Seaside Adventures. “Our guests loved the convenience, comfort, and cool look of our Mokes, but they wanted a higher capacity. And we get that! So, with the help of our amazing partners at Mokes Unlimited, we designed this one-of-a-kind vehicle, the LiMoke, that can safely accommodate six. And when we say one-of-a-kind, we mean it’s the only one there is. It’s a head-turner, painted a sunny yellow to capture the beachy St. Augustine vibe.”

Mokes are small electric vehicles that were originally a British Army invention in the late 1950s. Small and compact, they were designed to parachute through the skies to a terrestrial location. While its military career was short, the tiny vehicle gained a cultural cache, adored by fans like Princess Margaret, Bridget Bardot, The Beach Boys, and Caribbean travelers. They soon became a symbol of beachy, breezy island life – even appearing in four James Bond movies. Moke America brought these unique vehicles to the states, making them bigger, wider, stronger, all-electric, and street-legal. To design their custom Moke, the Hortons worked with their partners at Mokes Unlimited, the authority on Moke customizations. The LiMoke was created by transforming a classic model into a custom-stretched, eco-friendly limo ride powered entirely by lithium batteries and equipped with advanced speed and battery enhancements. The name LiMoke is a combination of lithium, limousine, and Moke. In addition to Mokes, Seaside Adventures, which just won a TripAdvisor 2024 Traveler’s Choice Award, offers golf carts, Polaris Slingshots, Arcimoto electric vehicles, and Sand Surfer electric skateboards. The full rental inventory can be viewed here.

“We’re really excited to offer this fun, new vehicle to our customers,” smiles Crystal. “It’s a great way for visitors and locals alike to check out St. Augustine and the Beaches.”

ABOUT SEASIDE ADVENTURES: Seaside Adventures, originally named Seaside Slingshots, was founded by husband-and-wife team Tommy and Crystal Horton and is a TripAdvisor 2024 Traveler’s Choice Award winner. They offer fun and unique transportation rentals in historic St. Augustine, including golf carts, Polaris Slingshots, Arcimoto electric vehicles, Sand Surfers, and Mokes. Located at 606 North Ponce de Leon Drive in St. Augustine, the store is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 9pm and Sunday from 10am to 9pm. Photos can be found here. Learn more at and follow along on social media @seasideadventuresfl

Photo by Crystal Horton.