Hey folks, Captain Adam Morley here from Genung’s Fish Camp with your latest fishing report.

This week, the flounder bite has been anything but flat! We’re seeing lots of action around creek mouths, drop-offs, and inlets. If you’re looking to target flounder, there are a couple of techniques that are proving effective.

For those who prefer artificial lures, soft plastics like Fishbites Fight Club curl tails or paddle tails on a jig head are working wonders. Make sure to bounce them slowly along the bottom to mimic the natural movement of prey. For those who prefer natural baits, live mullet or mud minnows are your best bet. Rig them on a fish-finder rig and let them do their magic near the bottom.

The redfish bite has been equally exciting, especially during high tides. The top water action is red hot around grass lines, pinch points, and over oyster bars. Popping corks with live shrimp or top water plugs like the peanut shaped “Snakehead” from Skinnywater Lures or Kiss My Fish’s “Creeper” have been particularly effective. The key is to work these areas meticulously during high tide when the redfish are more active and feeding aggressively.

Water temperatures in the Matanzas River and surrounding flats are in the mid-80s, and we’ve noticed a decrease in water visibility. The warmer waters are starting to bloom with life, which can make sight fishing a bit challenging, but it’s a sign of a healthy ecosystem….and you don’t need a mono leader, you can tie straight to braid.

So, gear up, get out there, and enjoy some fantastic fishing. Tight lines, everyone!

Topwater Action on Fire!
Hey there, anglers! Chris from Skinny Water Lures here with your weekly fishing report. I’ve got some exciting news to share with you all – the topwater bite has been absolutely on fire this past week!
We’ve been focusing on those pesky oyster bars at first light, and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal. Our trusty Skinny Water peanut-shaped topwater lures have been producing good numbers of quality redfish, and we’re not just talking about any old fish – we’re talking about trophy-sized redfish! The unique sound produced by these lures is a real game-changer, drawing in those predatory fishlike bees to honey.
But it’s not just the redfish that are getting in on the action. We’ve also been catching some nice snook and trout using the same topwater lures. And here’s the secret: working these lures parallel to the bank seems to be the key to enticing those snook to bite. Who knew?
Now, if you’re looking for those doormat flounder, we’ve found that focusing on creek mouths and pinch points with moving water is the way to go. Flounder love to hang out on the bottom, waiting for baitfish to pass by, and then they ambush them. They use the current to their advantage, lying downstream and waiting for the current to push the baitfish to them. Sandy or muddy bottom areas with moving water are a must-visit if you’re after those flounder.
And finally, a quick note about the upcoming full moon. With the big moon coming up on the 21st, we expect the bite to really pick up several days leading up to it. Focus on those areas with moving water during the day, and then once that full moon hits, switch it up and focus on later in the day or at night. Trust me, those fish will be eating all night long under the light of the moon.
Tight lines, and I’ll catch you on the water!