Author, Speaker and Barefoot Adventurer Becky Magnolia is launching the next endeavor in her own story with ‘The Truth Box’ this Wednesday night.

Staged at Odd Birds in St. Augustine, it’s six minutes to let it all out in a spoken word. Check out The Truth Box.

Join us each month for a spoken word event in

St. Augustine, Florida!  We offer writers, performers, and all other adventurous souls a chance to get on stage and share stories from their lives.

Performance Guidelines:

  • Performers must arrive 30 minutes in advance to reserve a slot. First come first serve.

  • You will be limited to six minutes on stage and will be given a one minute warning before time is up. It is highly recommended you practice to smooth out your presentation and keep it within the time allotted.

  • Be real. Be honest. Be you. Your unique creative expression is always celebrated and encouraged. You are free to present in whatever medium you desire, however your performance must be your original work and must be based on your personal experiences.

  • Audience members are reminded to offer respect for all performers.

  • Kindness is always king.


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