1. Tell readers a bit about yourself and how you ended up in Flagler County.
     My name is Tahni Chiarelli (pronounced Taw-nee Sure-elly). My husband, Tom, and I have been married for 28 years. We have 6 children who are all grown and married and we are about to have our 11th grandchild! Our only “child” at home is our rescue dog, Katie. We are from Missouri (Kansas City area – Go Chiefs!), where I was an elementary teacher and my husband worked for the St. Luke’s Medical Health Systems. We vacationed with our family up and down the Atlantic Coast of Florida almost every year since our first year of marriage. About 6 years ago on one of these vacations, we took the scenic route down A1A from South Carolina to our destination. We fell in love with this area as we drove through and knew we would move here when Tom retired. Definitely a hidden piece of paradise! Even though I have been a beach girl at heart my whole life, we officially became Floridians a little over a year ago.
2. You have a very unique and fun business. How did you get into this industry? 
     We personally knew one of the ladies that started the original Yard deSIGNs in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. We watched the past few years as their business exploded. Sending a deSIGN to someone was the perfect way to celebrate the happy moments when the world was shut down and we couldn’t celebrate together. When they found out we were moving to Florida, they were excited for us to start our own Yard deSIGNs here and so were we!
3. What kinds of special events can you do with Yard deSIGNS Palm Coast and do your clients get to keep the signs? How does it all work? 
– What kinds of special events can you do with Yard deSIGNS Palm Coast?
     We help celebrate anything happy! Birthdays, Graduations, Baby Showers, Adoptions, Bridal Showers, Weddings, Anniversaries, Family Reunions, Retirements, Welcome Home, Grand Openings, Open Houses, Proposals, School functions, Holidays, Parties & Events! Really and truly, ANYTHING you celebrate, we will deSIGN a display to go with it!
– Do your clients get to keep the signs?
     Our deSIGN packages start at $75 for a 24 hour rental. You can add an additional day or two for only $25/day.  We have the complete alphabet in 13 colors plus two more colors for the “Happy Birthday” phrase and another for “Congrats” and “Happy Anniversary”. In addition, we have over 500 picture graphics to help you personalize your deSIGN display! They are made of weather resistant corrugated plastic and put on heavy duty metal stakes. All of the letters and graphics are individually staked so we can mix and match them to create unique deSIGNs for each celebration. So although our customers do not keep the display, they can become a repeat customer with a different deSIGN every time!
– How does it all work?
     To order a deSIGN, you go to our website https://theyarddesigns.com and put in the zip code for where the deSIGN will be set up. Then choose the deSIGN package you would like. The Deluxe packages include solar lights to light the deSIGN up at night and also a few additional graphics. You will then be taken to the order form where you enter the pertinent information, choose a phrase, colors, picture graphics and any add-ons you may want. Once you place the order, your part is done! We touch base about the time to set it up and with any additional questions. Generally, we set up the morning of the event/celebration, but we try to accommodate schedules as best we can. Then we take it down the following morning. Easy-peasy!
4. Can you share a super special memorable event you created a design for?
Every deSIGN is special and we love hearing the stories behind them. I am pretty mushy when it comes to the happy stuff and often get choked up LOL. I’d have to say my favorite so far that definitely brought me to tears several times was a Deluxe Just Because deSIGN we did for a local Flagler Warrior who celebrated his final chemo treatment. We surprised his parents by ordering a graphic of a ringing bell to add to his display.
5. What are your hopes for your business?
      Giving back to our community is something my husband and I are passionate about. In January we started spotlighting a nonprofit organization each month. That organization receives 15% of our sales for that month. The checks have been small, but they are growing! My hope is that our donations will continue to grow so we can be more of a blessing to our community! We appreciate all the love and support we have been receiving to help our local small business grow. Thank you, Flagler News Weekly!


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