Palm Coast, FL (May 3, 2021) – Kids may not think much about a trip to the islands, but they’re certainly expressing their joy with an oasis of their own right here in Palm Coast.

Heading to Holland Park on Monday, families were thrilled to experience the new sprawling splash pad amenities during the soft opening.

Brittany Kershaw, the city’s new director of public information and engagement who takes the helm on May 17th, was out to enjoy some family time with her kids, watching from beneath the shady trees as they expended their energy on the oversized sea creatures and fountains.

“This is incredible, it’s almost like a mini theme park for the kids. It’s beautifully done, everything is absolutely perfect and it’s so safe and well contained,” she said. “The kids are having a blast.”

Eight-year old Cameron Kershaw declared the afternoon a success.

“I love Holland Park’s splash pad,” he said, selecting his favorite from a variety of sea life including an octopus, leaping dolphins, and starfish.

“The whale, because I like to climb on it,” he said, while sister Kaley also gave the park a nod of approval.

“I think it’s fun that there’s a big splash pad now because you can play over there and when you get too hot you can just come over here and cool off,” she said.

On the other side of the park, Linda Herman, out with her grandkids, was glad to see the addition open.

“We have been waiting for this to open up, so when we saw the news today, we were like ‘yes, we’re coming out’,” she said. “It is beautiful and a great addition to the Palm Coast park. They didn’t have enough for the little, little ones, so this is absolutely wonderful.”

City of Palm Coast Chief of Staff for Citizen Engagement Lauren Johnston said it’s been a lot of work, and they’re happy to know residents are enjoying the park’s new enhancements.

“City staff have been working diligently on the opening of the Holland Park Splash Pad. To see kids playing with big smiles on their faces in this beautiful amenity brings smiles to our own faces,” said Johnston.

“Palm Coast is an amazing place to explore, connect, and play and this regional destination will bring happiness to many families in Palm Coast as well as other nearby cities. The Holland Park Splash Pad is another testament to our City Council supporting recreation in our community. We encourage our residents to visit during the soft opening as we work out any issues and join us for the ribbon cutting on May 14th.”


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