Palm Coast, FL  – As the local reigning queen of comedy, Cristy B is having a really lucky 2021.

Packing the house for not one but two shows at the Hilton Garden Inn on Saturday night in Palm Coast, it wasn’t just sold out, it was over sold as patrons eager for a laugh continued to turn up at the door in hopes of seeing Saturday Night Live alum Chris Kattan.

Tammy Krieger, Kirk Keller, Karen Dion Clair and Heather Keller attend the sold out Comedy Night with Chris Kattan and Friends, at the Hilton Garden Inn, Palm Coast on Saturday, June 26, 2021.

Hotel staff brought in additional tables and chairs to accommodate the overflow in a testament to the popularity of the performers and the quality of shows under the Cristy B Comedy banner.

Heading in early for dinner, legends in their own right Hollywood actors John Byner and Annie Gaybis booked tickets for the 9:30 p.m. show. A star of the silver screen and television, Byner had performed on Broadway with Kattan in 2004 and was looking forward to catching up with the fellow actor and comedian.

Danielle Anderson, Annie Gaybis, John Byner, Laura Zubulonis, Scott MacKenzie

“I know Chris from New York. We rehearsed for The Frogs together, which was a play and musical. Nathan Lane starred in it, and he invited both of us to be in it with him,” shared Byner, a longtime comedian and impressionist whose appearances include the Ed Sullivan and David Letterman shows.

“It’s a nice surprise for me,” he said, of seeing Kattan again.

Letting out the first seating, patron Stephanie Barrow had drawn the personal attention of the comedy star during his first routine, making it a night she and husband Bobby, would never forget.

“I had to pee real bad and he really thought how I said it apparently was sexy,” she said with a giggle. “I didn’t expect that, but it was pretty funny.”

Bobby and Stephanie Barrow attend sold out Comedy Night with Chris Kattan and Friends, at the Hilton Garden Inn, Palm Coast on Saturday, June 26, 2021.

Fans of Cristy B’s comedy shows, the pair love seeing who she’ll bring in next.

“I love Cristy B so I could not go to one of her shows. I knew Chris Kattan was playing and we just had to be here. We’ve been going to her shows for years now, my husband and myself, for four or five years now and it’s really amazing.”

Growing from a one night comedy performance as a bucket list item less than 10 years ago into a comedy pro booking talent along her own triple circuit of comedy rooms at The Plaza Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach, 31 Supper Club in swanky Ormond Beach, and the Hilton Garden Inn in Palm Coast, Cristy B’s come a long way since fine-tuning her skills at Jackie Knight’s Comedy Club in St. Augustine.

“I’m working with some really great agents right now and it was time for me to step it up a notch and bring in some A-List comics,” she said. “I’ve been working towards this for seven years, and I have a lot of really great names on the line up for the rest of the year.”

Scott McKenzie joins Laura Zee and hubby John Zubulonis for the sold out Comedy Night with Chris Kattan and Friends, at the Hilton Garden Inn, Palm Coast on Saturday, June 26, 2021.

“I have a three day run for these comics which is very exciting for them. Things like that help get these bigger names so they’re not coming in for just a one night show,” she said.

Discussing her talent wish list with fellow comedienne Michelle Keith, her right hand in all the productions, they have it down to a science. Ron White/Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Josh Blue/Last Comic Standing, Drew Lynch/America’s Got Talent, Taylor Thomlinson/Quarter Life Crisis: Netflix, Brad Williams/About Last Night.

The best thing about Cristy B’s model is her willingness to give aspiring comedians a hand up. Pairing up-and-coming talent with big names like Chris Kattan or last show’s Preacher Lawson, it’s a chance for them to earn their big break.

“What we try to do is incorporate some of the local talent and put them up with somebody like Chris Kattan, so I’m utilizing our Florida-based comedians and giving them an opportunity to work with someone like that. I try to use the local talent with these bigger shows, and they’re so grateful.”

“2021 started out to be a really great year. I had Carlos Mencia booked in Ormond Beach for three shows. He was my first big name, then Preacher Lawson, I had him here at Hilton, and now I’ve got Chris Kattan. I’ve got on the line up for July Chris Porter, he has a Netflix special ‘Ugly and Angry’, and on Season 4 of Last Comic Standing. Very funny guy and selling out shows everywhere. He’ll be there July 10th.”

As the portfolio grows, so does Cristy B Comedy’s staff, allowing her time to do what she loves best.

“It’s a small company but it’s a great team,” she said. “If I can bring in people like Chris Kattan and people can get together and laugh, it’s still my favorite thing in the world.”

Featured Photo: Sound Engineer John Krieger, Cristy B and Chris Kattan. Photo courtesy John Krieger.


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