PALM COAST, Fla. (September 27, 2022) Flagler Auditorium loves to shake things up, and on Wednesday evening, hosting the Professional Women of Flagler County for their business social, it was music, dancing and networking, all rolled into one.

The ‘Meet to the Beat’ networking social had more than a dozen women shaking off their busy day while catching up with colleagues and previewing the 2022-23 season with a sample soundtrack overseen by Flagler Auditorium director Amelia Fulmer.

Modeled after a networking event Fulmer attended at a music advocacy conference, she knew it was the perfect way to introduce the performing arts center’s season to fellow businesswomen and keep attendees circulating while honing their networking skills.

“I remembered it was the best networking thing I’d ever been to because when you’re trying to meet new people, and everybody’s standing with people they know, you kind of have to break in. This is a way for everybody to come and talk to each other,” said Fulmer.

“I was really happy to hear everybody practicing their 30 second pitch.”

PWFC President Jen Brown said the organization’s monthly socials are designed to be more laid back than their structured, first Friday monthly ‘Business for Breakfast’ meetings at the Hilton Garden Inn, and often have a fun or quirky component to the networking.

“We have events that cater to all kinds of different people’s schedules and needs,” said Brown. “Our socials, on the third Wednesday of the month are always different, in a different place, a different theme, something new, fresh and exciting. If you like to get out, move around and try new things, the socials are where it’s at.”

Since separating from the previous chamber of commerce and becoming an independent 501c3, Brown says the membership has tripled, even as COVID swept the globe.

“I’m super proud and you can tell it’s something that our community has a need for,” she said.

Among the perks of membership are entry to events, discounted member rates on activities and access to the organization’s grant program, which closes on October 1st.

“We’re a nonprofit so every dollar that we collect from our membership fees, from events like today that we host, our breakfasts, every penny goes towards grants for our members,” said Brown.

“It’s just to help people grow their business. It’s a really simple grant application process. You just have to be a current member in good standing for three months and it’s a good way to get something that you need.”

Businesswomen are encouraged to find out more by visiting