Bunnell, FL – American Association of University Women (AAUW) Flagler County Branch received notification from the William G. Pomeroy Foundation the application submitted by the branch for Alice Scott Abbott had been approved by the Foundation’s trustees on Friday, November 19, 2021.

Prior to the centennial of suffrage, The National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites (NCWHS) partnered with the William G. Pomeroy Foundation to launch a marker grant program designed to support the National Votes for Women Trail and commemorate the history of Woman’s Suffrage in the United States. The Pomeroy Foundation and its signage grant programs honor history, including everything from New York State history and the National Register of Historic Places to commemorating folklore and women’s suffrage.

First historic marker awarded to The Woman’s Club of Louisville, Louisville, KY, honoring the work of Susan Look Avery. March 6, 2019. Photo courtesy of: William G. Pomeroy Foundation: https://www.wgpfoundation.org/historic-markers/susan-look-avery/

In March of 2020, AAUW Flagler submitted an application packet in order to add Alice Scott Abbott’s name to the National Votes for Women Trail (NVWT). This project of the NCWHS identifies many sites, integral to the suffrage movement, and makes them accessible through a mobile-friendly website easily searched by location, suffragist, ethnicity, and other helpful criteria. Alice Scott Abbott was added to the digital National Votes for Women Trail in April of 2020. Friday’s announcement will allow for the placement of the National Women’s Suffrage Marker at the final resting place for Alice Scott Abbott. This is a unique and limited program featuring a specially designed marker.

Although her health was failing, Mrs. Abbott continued to diligently work to instruct ‘Flagler’s Dear Women’ so they would qualify and register to vote for the historic November 2, 1920, General Election. Like many suffragists, Alice Scott Abbott died before casting her first ballot.

Many celebrations for the 100th Anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment were interrupted, postponed, or canceled due to COVID-19. AAUW Flagler hosted an event at the Holden House honoring 100 Years of Women Voting and in 2021, they celebrated Women’s Equality Day with an event at the First United Methodist Church of Bunnell. With the award of this marker, a permanent reminder of the legacy of Woman’s Suffrage, and the contributions from women like Alice Scott Abbott, will be on display, year-round, at the historic Espanola Cemetery. Plans for the unveiling will be forthcoming.

Media Release: AAUW, Flagler Chapter



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