August 31, 2021 – Flagler County urges residents to do as it has and recognize September as National Preparedness Month, which is done to raise awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies that could happen at any time. This year’s theme is “Prepare to Protect.”

“National Preparedness Month just happens to coincide with the peak of hurricane season for us, which is underscored by the devastation caused in the past couple of days by Hurricane Ida. Our hearts are with everyone who is suffering in the aftermath of this storm,” said Emergency Management Director Jonathan Lord. “We are asking our residents to please take a couple of steps to ensure your families and households are ready for anything that may happen.”

While governments like Flagler County take the lead in responding to disasters that can affect the community for extended periods, there are individual actions that can be taken that will lessen the impact. The national campaign recommends devoting one week each to the following activities: make a plan; build a kit; low-cost, no-cost preparedness; and, teach youth about preparedness.

“Flagler County community members who are prepared can be a positive influence on their neighbors by sharing their preparedness plans, and by encouraging friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to be prepared too,” Lord said. “This applies to businesses, too. The more people are prepared, the quicker our community will recover, which, of course, has a positive impact on the quality of life here in the county.”

Preparedness Weeks

  • Week one – September 1-4 – Make a Plan: Talk to friends and family about how communicating before, during, and after a disaster will work. Consider updating the plan to include the Centers for Disease Control recommendations regarding the coronavirus.
  • Week two – September 5-11 – Build a Kit: Gather supplies that will last for a week after a disaster for everyone in the home. Don’t forget to consider the unique needs each person or pet may have. Portability is key should evacuation be required.
  • Week three – September 12-18 – Low-Cost, No-Cost Preparedness: Know the risk of disasters in the area (tornadoes, wildfire, flood/storm surge, hurricanes). Learn about home damage mitigation strategies for storms and other common hazards. Check insurance coverage to make sure it is up-to-date.
  • Week four – September 19-25 – Teach Youth about Preparedness: Talk to family members, including the kids, about preparing for emergencies and what to do if the family is separated. Reassure them by providing information about how they can get involved.

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Written by:

Julie Murphy, MPIO, Flagler County

Public Information Officer


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