The public is asked to be on the look out for QUILTY!  Turtle #6 on the Palm Coast Arts Foundation Turtle Trail was last seen in early January at the small park at Waterfront Drive and Colbert Lane. Quilty was dedicated in October 2019 and was so liked by thieves that she’s now gone missing according to Palm Coast Arts Foundation executive director Nancy Crouch.

“We need the public’s awareness of this unlawful act and to please help us locate QUILTY and bring her back home.  Please spread the word and notify the Flagler County Police Department (386-437-4116) if you happen upon any clues of her whereabouts or noticed any suspicious activity around her,” said Crouch in a plea to the public.

“It is quite disturbing that a public art piece of such beauty and significance would fall in the hands of thieves here in Flagler County,” she said.

“While I certainly understand why everyone would want one of these turtles, I cannot grasp the act of stealing one.  These are irreplaceable; one of a kind, specially conceived and brought to life by the artist; in this case, Bettie Eubanks, who spent countless hours in her studio to create a significant public art piece.  While our community has fully embraced this project, I am confident too that with everyone aware of this theft, we will find Quilty.  It is disappointing that some misguided person/s felt the need to cause such havoc to a public art program that is available for all to enjoy.”

Sponsored by Bill Verhagen and his wife Pat, an avid quilter and seamstress, ‘Quilty’s’ design was inspired by 1700’s quilter Bettie White, and designed by artist Bettie Eubanks.

“We are both just so upset that anyone would steal public art,” said Bill Verhagen.

“Quilty not only was a special design painted by a special friend but to have it stolen from our own park and to know how much everyone enjoyed her is heartbreaking. We have already received a number of comments from citizens who are equally upset,” he said.

Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly hopes the turtle will be returned, as well.

“it’s going to be pretty hard to hide that turtle,” said Staly.

“Obviously we would encourage whoever has it bring it back. Call, put it somewhere and let us recover it. Ideally take it back wherever you got it from and we go from there. It never surprises me whether it’s a prank, who knows what motivates people. Hopefully they’ll just think it’s a prank and return the turtle,” he said.

Please phone the Flagler County Sheriff’s office 386-437-4116 if you know anything about QUILTY’s whereabouts.


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