From the Editor

We’ve arrived mid-year and it’s time for a Flagler News Weekly update! It’s exciting to see after a year and a half serving as your digital newspaper that our readership has more than doubled from where we were at this time last year. With 5 million visits in 2021, we’ve already had nearly 7.5 million this year. It’s encouraging to know people trust Flagler News Weekly to deliver timely, good news about what’s happening not only here in Flagler County, but across the state of Florida.

While many tune in to see what’s happening in the news, did you know we have some very talented contributors offering professional advice, a good laugh, and even a peek into politics. Scroll down the page past the news and add a little something extra to your day with these five columns.


Who’s on Tap and When Can I Find Them? 

The Big Five – Nobody likes Monday, or so they say. At Flagler News Weekly, we love Mondays because it’s a chance for you, the reader, to meet ‘a someone new’. Whether they’re from our local community, across the state or a national voice, The Big Five each Monday is an awesome read and chance for you to connect. Our guests run the gamut from The Bitchy Waiter (yes, we really had him on!), to Scenic America’s President Mark Falzone, Flagler Sheriff’s PAL Kerri Henderson, Erik Libby of The To-Do Dudes, and Dr. Mike Kitaif.

Leadership Lessons with Dr. Saviak – In business we often spend Mondays catching up on the mountain of emails from over the weekend, sitting in meetings and catching up with clients. On Tuesday we’ve caught our breath and can enjoy our business column with Dr. Joe Saviak. Not just any business column, Leadership Lessons with Dr. Saviak are a gold mine of professional leadership advice from one of our state’s most notable leadership development professionals. His advice is not only for the business owner, but the employee, and the few minutes spent reading his column each week is a blueprint for how to be successful and happy with your career path.

Friday Morning Round Up: Political Parley – PARLEY – noun: a conference between opposing sides in a dispute, especially a discussion of terms for an armistice. We may not solve all of the world’s problems here at Flagler News Weekly, but at least we can try to help people find places they may agree and even lock arms on a cause or two. Check out the early morning read each Friday with political leaders, party leaders and comments from the community for a dive into what’s happening on the political scene as we approach the 2022 mid-term elections.

A Life Worth Binge Watching – If you haven’t met Melodye Lewis yet, put her on your calendar for Friday lunch. As a new empty nester, Melodye is living her best life and sharing her adventures in her weekly column ‘A Life Worth Binge Watching’ published just in time for lunch. You may remember her as the cool mom who rented out the rooftop of The Streamline Hotel in Daytona Beach to throw a prom for the Class of 2021 kids who didn’t get to experience the prom of their dreams. With daughter Abbie off to college in South Florida and just turning 50, her column reads like a weekly sitcom and will have you laughing, crying and living vicariously with her.

You’re Not Alone: Stories of Survival – Helping to support this year’s AdventHealth Palm Coast Pink On Parade set for October 9, 2022, we’re featuring the faces of survivors and their stories. We’re honored to work with the Boss Ladies’ Ana Reyes-Ouzts and Alina Perry-Smith, founder of Images by Alina for the first of the series featuring their story alongside 5-year breast cancer survivor Courtney Akel.

If you have a story to share – whether you’ve battled breast cancer, lost a loved one to the disease or are newly diagnosed, we encourage you to join a team for the Pink On Parade (also known as The Pink Army 5K locally), create a team, or share your story with others so they too can know, You’re Not Alone.

*Please contact editor Danielle Anderson at to share your story.