Tell readers a bit about yourself, how you got into graphic design and what inspired you. 

From my early years, I always knew I would be doing something in the Arts. My first thought was an art teacher, then maybe the fine arts but it evolved into the graphics arts.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree from Flagler College was in Commercial Arts then my Graduates degree in Advertising Design from the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA. My first job was a junior Art Director at a large Advertising Agency in Miami but Hurricane David had different plans for me. After devastating damage to my home and my place of work, I decided to move back to Palm Coast. I was hired by Lowe Palm Coast in marketing and design and helped launch Grand Haven and Ocean Hammock developments.

After some years, I decided to get out of the corporate world and start Curleytail Design in 1998 and that was the best decision I ever made.

As one of the top designers and marketing agencies in Flagler, what do you think defines your brand? 

I believe our strength is in our logo design and business branding. We take great pride in helping guide new businesses and connecting them with other business that can help them grow. It is our goal that Curleytail Design is known for its creativity, fun, positive attitudes and also a company that cares and give back to our community.

Having a shared vision is critical when helping a business establish their brand. Have you ever turned down a client, and if so, why? 

It is always my goal to steer a new business owner into a brand that will be unique, true to their character, and ultimately a brand that can turn into successful marketing and sales strategies. I can only remember a couple of businesses over these 25 years that we felt would not benefit from our consultations as they already had strong thoughts as to what they wanted their brand to be. As the old saying goes… the customer is always right and we have to respect that.

You were just recognized by the Palm Coast Business & Professional Network as the Business of the Year 2021. What makes this an important recognition for you? 

This was my first year with the Palm Coast Business Professionals Network and it was such a surprise to win the 2021 Member of the Year! There are several networking groups in the area and I must say the PCBPN is one of the best! Great, professional, caring people that take pride in referrals and even helping those in need in the group!

From your perspective, why is networking as important as having a concise brand for a business owner?

Business owners must remember that THEY are an important part of their Business Brand. Networking is an effective way of building brand awareness not only with your current customers but also with potential customers.