Tell readers about your connection to Flagler County and how long you’ve lived here.

My family moved to Flagler County from northeastern Pennsylvania when I was six years old – I’m 32 now. We moved to Bunnell specifically, because some of our family lived here. I went to school at Bunnell Elementary then Buddy Taylor and graduated from FPC in 2009. So I’ve had roots in Flagler for a long time and chose to stay here as an adult, operate business here and raise my family here. This community means a lot to me!

Why was purchasing the ‘Yellow House’ so special for you?

I have somewhat of an emotional connection to the “yellow house”…I’d actually never been in it until I walked it with the realtor so maybe that’s odd to say but, I can remember driving by it as a little girl and thinking that I hoped I could buy it someday. That thought continued into my adulthood until it became our reality last year. I was so excited when I saw the “for sale sign” being put up, I don’t think five minutes passed before I called the realtor. Then I called my husband, ecstatic at the opportunity. I’m not sure what it is exactly about the yellow house…I’ve just always felt drawn to it. I also have such a love and vision for the downtown Bunnell area. Purchasing a property on the Main Street in town and creating a project that could change the community is so special!

Where does your creative spark come from and what kind of creative works do you love doing best?

I’ve always been really creative and enjoyed interior design, decorating, antiquing and art but my day job doesn’t necessarily lend the ability to be creative. I love my job and I wouldn’t change it but it’s not very artsy! The market has allowed my creativity and savviness for business to come together. I would say design is my favorite.. I love everything from full blown renovations to new construction to rearranging furniture in a space. There’s so many possibilities in different styles. I’ve really pushed myself out of my comfort zone with the design of the market, incorporating some elements that I’m not use to but am really enjoying!

What can folks find at Poppy’s True Market?

We’ve coined the tag line, “a thoughtfully curated market for your life + home.” The market is our take on a plaza or shopping center that contains all of your favorite things…a coffee shop, a yoga studio, a hair salon, a plant shop with a green house, antique and vintage stores and art studios! But unlike your typical shopping center or plaza, we have created a community within the market. A group of women working together, referring and sharing clients, marketing for one another and supporting each other as we each journey down the path of business ownership. So in addition to doing your favorite things or having your best day ever at the market, you’ll find a girl gang who is rooting for you and each other!

The market also has a community room that we host classes in. It is also available for rent by the hour and the day for anyone who needs a smaller gathering space or would like to host their own classes or meetings!

Is Poppy’s open to artisans who would like to show or sell their works, and if so what is the process?

We are currently accepting applications from makers, artisans, creators who are interested in selling in the market. The link can be found on our social media outlets.

Bonus: Tell us about the cool name! How did you come up with it, what the story?

Poppy’s True Market is named after our children. Adrian and I have a daughter named Poppy Jane (5) and a son named Truett (3). Poppy Jane is named after my grandfather, who we called Poppy and my mother-in-law whose middle name is Jane. So, the market is named after our children and a family namesake. It’s really special to us and a constant reminder of why Adrian and I work so hard to create beautiful, successful things that bring value to our community – for our children and the future generations of Flagler.