Tell readers about yourself – how long have you lived in Flagler County and what do you love about it?

I’ve lived in Flagler all my life (17 years), but only recently began to appreciate the beauty and greatness this county possesses, especially in its nature. Over the past two years, I’ve gotten in touch with the world around me and I’ve found there are many overlooked gems within our county, both natural and historical.

What inspired you to write a book (are you an avid reader, love history, etc.?)

My inspiration for writing this book stemmed from my exploration of nature and history. I’ve always wanted to write books, and I love telling stories and crafting plots, but I never found that perfect inspiration to take me all the way in writing a complete novel. However, as I delved into the local history of Flagler and even Florida as a whole, I more or less became entrapped in this rabbit hole of stories, events, and experiences which I had to just channel into my own originally-crafted story. This, and my own new experiences with nature, prompted me to commit to seeing this project all the way through.

Why were you attracted to this genre? 

My attraction to the Historical Fiction genre is quite strong simply because history, in itself, is the greatest story, but as authors, it’s awesome to create and form a unique tale that you want to tell, and as readers (myself included) reading these stories that take inspiration from real-life is just as thrilling as the history itself (if done right I may add).

Are you planning to pursue writing books as a profession, and can we expect a follow up book (is this part of an emerging series?)

I don’t have a set-plan for my future, and being an Author wasn’t something I fully entertained, but I will pursue writing books as long as I can. It’s not necessarily about the career, but the impact I hope I can make, and to bring to the light the incredible history of Flagler County, as well as Florida in general. I don’t suppose I will be making this book into a series, but I will definitely write about similar events and history as portrayed in this novel. I have already completed writing my second book, which I hope to release this year and have begun working on my third book.

What advice would you give a young writer who is nervous about sharing their work or publishing it? 

My advice to young authors who are nervous or less optimistic about sharing their work would be to not think about it too much and simply put their creation out there. Amazon may not be the best site for profit, but it allowed me to very easily take my work and turn it into a wide-produced novel I can share with the world. Everyone who has written a book or is writing one should take advantage of that and release what they created to the public.

Just remember that a good editor is worth their weight in gold!

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