Until someone shares their story, we don’t know what the building blocks of their foundation are comprised of. As author and publisher of half a dozen books, Flagler County author Orjanette Bryant shares this week what it means to be part of a collection of 15 inspiring women discussing life lessons by being a Radical Woman.
Title: “Radical Woman: Resilience After Difficult Issues, Changes and Losses”
Publication Date: May 9, 2021
You have a powerful story to tell. Share a bit about what you do professionally today, and why you enjoy what you do.
I am a board-certified family nurse practitioner, a business owner, and a number one  Best-Selling author in the United States and India. I published several self-help books, and work in the medical field. My mission is to inspire health, spread hope, and encourage others.


You are part of an incredible book. How did this come about and why were you willing to share vulnerable parts of your life story with the world?

Ayanna Mills- Ambrose, our publishing consultant, and visionary encouraged women leaders across the United States and International to share their stories to help others. Sharing my vulnerabilities regarding my experiences with poverty and childhood bullying is not easy, but Ayanna encourages us to write it, release the strongholds, and pray. Her strategic writing techniques support ongoing development. I used researched data to explore the need to improve positive human behaviors. Post- Covid pandemic projected trajectory related to poverty influenced me to support our youth to take on the leadership role.

What do you hope readers will take away from the Radical Woman?

Radical Woman: Resilience After Difficult Issues, Changes and Losses, a compilation by International Bestselling Author, Ayanna Mills Ambrose, the authors discuss their personal battles with abuse, betrayal, dyslexia, divorce, narcissism, poverty, and unfair discrimination. The authors did not focus on their painful realities and shattered dreams; They applied key tips and strategies to change the trajectory of their lives. WOMAN• Win, Outlast, Maximize, Achieve & Nurture

Could this also be an educational tool for men to help them understand women or for young girls to help them make better choices?

This book is an inspiring tool for both men and women. I encouraged men to use this book to support younger women and teens.


What has the response been since the book’s release?

The responses have been encouraging. Radical Woman was featured in NBC, FOX, and CBS, a few magazines, and on the radio. Our authors are world-changers who are seeking opportunities to support others who are ready to redefine their path and overcome their challenges.