You both have an empowering childhood story of perseverance. How did music help bring you through the challenges and create a positive outlook in spite of the difficulties?

We grew up in the slums of Brazil, Rio De Janeiro and began playing classical music together in our orchestra. Our father is a violin maker so he got us started playing when we were 11 years old. From there our Orchestra gained attention internationally and we began to perform more and more and now we Tour all over the world together. The part of Brazil we grew up in, not a lot of people know. We grew up in the favelas, or slums, a very very poor and very dangerous reality. We lost a lot of friends to violence from a young age. Our parents taught us right away the consequences of making choices. Music was not only the passport, but also the escape we found from our reality to a world that not a lot people in our circle knew existed. Music felt like those VR goggles when you put them on and  they take you to a different world. And in that world we found strength, humor, and purpose

Who would you say are your biggest music or entertainment influences growing up besides Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston?

Our inspirations stem from those that we watched growing up. Growing up in the favelas of Brazil, we consumed most of our media based on the movies and music of the United States. We grew up watching Michael Jackson, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, all the big bands from the 90s and we always wanted to be pop stars because that’s who we saw growing up.

What message would you give to young adults struggling to find their way or dealing with difficult home lives?

“Find yourself” can get pretty complex to some of us… it’s okay. Be patient, but stay hungry, stay positive, try not to overthink, and remember – Don’t let the place you’re at today dictate where you’re going to be in the future. Sometimes it’s more about creating yourself than finding yourself.

You battled cancer together as well, a second life-changing hurdle, with dignity and humor. What did you draw on internally or externally for strength?

Our battle against cancer has everything to do with what we said on question number 3. We truly believe in the idea of staying positive, trying not to overthink and not letting a present situation dictate a future direction.  * Stay Positive!

What has been the most exciting part of your careers as musicians and entertainers?

The most exciting part of our careers has been to watch our dreams unfolding right in front of us. All the trips, the places, the venues, the people we meet. This journey has been incredible. We are adventurous and curious so love traveling. With all the negative news nowadays, we believe most people are kind and good and we’ve seen it with our own eyes everywhere we go. The world is a beautiful place.

Bonus: What can the audience expect from your show “B2Wins Music: Reimagined” at the Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center on February 27th?

This will be a fun show! ??The audience can expect two (handsome) guys that have seen a lot of crazy things in this world on a mission of having fun and bringing peace and happiness through music!

Expect to do lots of singing, dancing, and interacting. Our goal is to make you have fun and give you a break from the world for an hour and a half. No matter what kind of music you like, how old you are, or where you’re from, there’s a place for you. We promise if you take a chance on us and come see it for yourself, you won’t regret it.

Tickets are available for B2Wins Music: Reimagined on February 27th at 7 PM at the Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center HERE.