Tell readers how you discovered Flagler County.

It’s a funny story! I lived in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan for the first 18 years of my life. But due to being homeschooled, I spent winters in Kissimmee, Florida going to Disney World. Eventually, all of our reasons to stay in MI quickly dissipated so after my family and I put together a list of criteria for moving, my mom took out a map and just went city by city, researching our criteria. Eventually she found Palm Coast and the rest is history!

You are host of a neat podcast. How did it come about?

I started podcasting almost 3 years ago (Mar 2021) with the goal of connecting to people after a rough Pandemic. I ended up doing about 100 interviews in two months, and through that I was able to build this communication skill I hadn’t realized was a skill. Two years ago I moved to Flagler County and I spent a while trying to decide what to do, eventually a few months ago I decided I wanted to give something to the community and opened “Why I Love Flagler County” Currently I’ve had nearly 50 local businesses and residents coming on and sharing their stories.

What do you enjoy most about talking with your podcast guests?

I love listening to their story of how they got into business! Everyone is unique and hardly no one is the same. To hear people talk about their triumphs and defeats but in a positive tone always inspires me and I leave every podcast with a rush of I need to do this 15 more times!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I love giving people a voice! My goal in Flagler County is to make sure every small business can be heard. Whether that’s podcasting or local events, I really enjoy making sure people can see how loved they are in the community.

What is YOUR favorite thing about Flagler County?

I really enjoy the atmosphere. It’s quite different to where I used to live in Michigan, but the beach alone makes up for it. I don’t think I could have ever imagined doing what I do down here but in Michigan. To me, it seems almost foreign. The weather coupled with the sunshine pays me enough.

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