Tell readers about yourself and how you ended up in Palm Coast?

My name is Beau Wade, I moved to Flagler Beach in 2008 when I was 18 years old, and have been participating in shows in the Flagler/Volusia area since that time.

You’ve been a big part of Flagler’s theater community for at least a decade. How did you get involved and how have you grown as an actor and director over the years?

My first show in the area was actually The Rocky Horror Show at Flagler Playhouse, under John Sbordone’s direction. Since that time, I’ve performed or directed nearly 50 shows in the area. It has been a wonderful experience growing not only my own talent but hopefully the talents of other young people who join our theatre scene.

Which have been some of your favorite shows to participate in or direct?

I think two shows I directed last year really exemplified who I am and what I’m trying to do as a director. Rent at the Flagler Playhouse was such a ridiculously fun challenge, bringing together many different people to tell a story that doesn’t often get told in smaller towns. And then I followed that up with Firebringer last summer at City Repertory Theatre, which was such a delight to bring this new, quirky show to the area, as well as put so many young people’s talent on display.

Talk about “Edges”. Why did you want to direct it and what can you tell us about the actors involved?

“Edges” has been a show I’ve wanted to direct for a good few years. The songs are just so relatable and engaging. It’s not a traditional theatre show, sacrificing plot to tell a story more about a feeling, a feeling of being on the edge, of something new, of something great or different or weird. Eric, Flip, Sav, and Andre have really taken the various messages put forth by the show to heart, and it’s wonderful to see them give nuanced performances of all the different stories they are telling.

What’s the show about and who would most likely enjoy the show?

“Edges” is about the decision point. Where your life is about to change and where to go from here. It’s about connecting to others and to your inner voice. I think this show is for anyone who loves good music, who is going through change, and for anyone who just wants to see massive talent on our little black box stage.

“Edges” opens January 19, 2024 at City Repertory Theatre in Palm Coast, Florida. Tickets Here.