How did The Texas Tenors get started and is this the original trio?

Yes, we are the original trio that started the group back in 2009. It’s always been us and has never changed.  We sent a tape to America’s Got Talent in 2009 and they invited us to audition in Houston, we were three friends who all sang a new each other, but never actually sang together as a group. We got together to rehearse for a performance to send a tape and then we performed again for our auditions and then after ending up fourth on the show, we begin touring and never looked back. We are celebrating our 15th anniversary this year.

The current trio is comprised of unique singers and styles. What has been the greatest challenge working together to create harmony and the greatest blessing?

I think one of our greatest challenges is being able to continue to create new music, videos, and all the things associated with performing at The Texas Tenors, along with running the business as well ourselves.

Is there a particular song or genre style the group prefers over others, and if so, why?

We don’t actually have a favorite genre. We love all styles of music from country to classical.

What have you learned about yourselves personally and professionally, touring as part of a trio? 

This is a huge question, but I will simply say that we have learned how to compromise, and we have learned how to create moments on stage that we hope move the audience and conveys the message that we want to convey each and every night… We love the music that we sang and we love our audiences and are so grateful for the opportunities and the blessings that we have.

What can patrons expect on January 10th during the show?

This is our 15th anniversary tour, so we are doing some of the best songs from our past and also new music. Everything from country to classical, patriotic to beloved standards.

Bonus: Will you all offer a meet and greet for guests after the show? 

We usually decide this when we get to the venue and speak with everyone in charge, our merch sellers and technicians. The show is very interactive though, and we always engage with the audience.


The Texas Tenors will be at the Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center on January 10, 2024 at 7 PM. Tickets and information here.