1. Why has Billy Joel been such an influence on your life and as a musician?

Wow, good question! When I was in my 20s a long time ago lol, I was aspiring to be an original artist. I was writing for the commercial market, but I was listening to a lot of jazz and progressive rock like Emerson Lake and Palmer. My manager suggested that I listen to more “Singer songwriters” and suggested I listen to Billy Joel. At that time the only thing I knew about Billy Joel was the song Piano Man and I was not a fan at that time. However, after picking up some of his albums, I couldn’t get enough. His melodies, lyrics voice and piano playing completely captured me, and that was the beginning of my love for Billy. I truly found my favorite artist ever.

Years later, after that project disbanded, I found myself playing in corporate wedding, bands, which I did for a long time. With that said, I got tired of it as the pop music changed. As a result, I finally realized I wanted to do a tribute to Billy. It was way more age-appropriate and I thought it would have some longevity. It’s been 12 years now! This is truly like a dream come true to me and I’ll do it as long as the man upstairs allows me to.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Billy multiple times, and the only thing I need on my bucket list is him to come on stage with us ….that would be the cherry on top!

2. What is your most favorite Billy Joel song to perform and why?

I always say during the show that my favorite song wraps Billy up into a nice, neat package. It has all the elements that made me endear him. That song is “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant”.

3. The Legend 2 Legend performance is a unique show for our area. How does this enhance the level of excitement for you as a performer?

Given the artists that were paying tribute to, we always look forward to shows at new venues. We say that if love Billy Joel, you already love, Turnstiles. If you’re not a Billy Joel fan, we promise to make you one. Billy’s appeal is multi-generational, and it’s difficult to find somebody that doesn’t love at least some of his songs! We are proud to help keep this music alive.

4. What can the audience expect from a show like this?

We do our best to re-create the experience of being at a Billy Joel/Elton John concert. It’s energetic. It involves the audience, and I truly believe at the end of the night everybody will have had a great time. We see that as our job…putting smiles on people’s faces while taking them on a journey that takes them away from their daily grind.

5. Will the audience have an opportunity for meet and greet after the show?

Yes, we always welcome that! We love talking to the fans and we look forward to a very memorable evening.

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For tickets to the Legend 2 Legend Show at The Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center, click here.