VMA is pleased to announce the winners of Saturday’s Robot Brawl 2021. The event was held at Jackie Robinson Ballpark on Saturday, October 2nd. The event included a variety of activities in addition to the Robot Brawl such as face painting and crafts, demonstrations from the Volusia Sheriff’s Department Bomb Squad, and a job board hosted Coastal Cloud.

Students from seven area schools entered a total of 33 robots that the students built for a chance to ‘brawl’ with each other and win prizes. There were hundreds of supporters, parents, families and manufacturers in attendance.

The robot names, schools, and prize amounts are as follows:

In the l lb. bot category, Burns Science & Technology Charter School won 1st place with their bot ‘Hyperkill’ and won $1,000. They also took 2nd place with ‘Rhino Flipper’ for $500, and 3rd place with ‘Super Nova’ for $250.

In the 3 lb. bot category, DeLand High School came in 1st place and won $1,000 with ‘Neptune’, DeLand also came in 2nd place in the 3 lb. weight class and won $500 with ‘Please Work’, and Deltona Middle School came in 3rd place with ‘Strobe Light’ for $250.

In the final 15 lb. weight class, New Smyrna Beach High School earned 1st place and $1,000 with ‘Edger’, Pine Ridge High School earned 2nd place and $500 with ‘No Good’, and DeLand High School earned 3rd place and $250 with ‘Hit & Run.’

“We are so grateful for the support of our sponsors that donate to these amazing students and allow us to host this event and give so much back to these well-deserving schools,” said VMA President & CEO Jessica Lovatt.  “From our title sponsor to our School sponsors, we can’t thank them enough,” Jessica added.


The Robot Brawl was a multiple-round, single-elimination competition where points were earned by how much damage is inflicted on the other robot during each 90-second round. If they disabled the other robot, it was an automatic win. The three judges that donated their time were; Linda Cuthbert, Volusia County School Board Chair, Dr. Colleen Conklin, Flagler County School Board Vice-Chair and Florida State Representative Elizabeth Fetterhoff, District 26.

The schools participating in this year’s event were; Burns Science and Technology School, Deltona Middle School, New Smyrna Beach High School, Spruce Creek High, T Dewitt Taylor Middle High, DeLand High School, and Pine Ridge High School.

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Photo I: New Smyrna Beach High School takes home 1st place and $1,000 with their robot “Edger”.
Photo 2: Robot Brawl judges LtoR Florida State Representative Elizabeth Fetterhoff, District 26, Linda Cuthbert, Volusia County School Board Chair, Dr. Colleen Conklin, Flagler County School Board Vice-Chair.JPG

Photo 3: Emcee Frank Mercer interviews a bot pilot during the event.


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