What goes great with a 32 ounce steak? How about an axe.

Tomahawk Tavern is already the talk of the town starting with their soft opening on Friday night, and the social media buzz has guests ready to try a steak and toss a tomahawk at this urban steakhouse.

Axe Throwing Entertainment

For adventure seekers it’s located in the perfect place.

Right next door to Pax Track, the sounds of dirt bikes add to the adrenaline rush as guests head into what was formerly known as the Black Cloud Saloon at Thunder Gulch for many years, followed by the Moose Lodge, on US 1. With a long history in Flagler County, it’s a local’s favorite location, and now being discovered by new residents to the area.

With six separate berths, axe throwers can choose between moving targets, zombie heads, Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect Four and a giant bullseye for their targets, throwing to their heart’s content for just $15 an hour or $10 for half an hour. Players must be 14 years of age to participate and have an adult with them.

A full bar and dedicated axe throwing room makes it an ideal place for an afterhours networking meetup, birthday party, bridal shower or bachelor party.

Sous Chef Ronnie Owens, Sr., Assistant Manager Shanna Cowan and Executive Chef Kevin Chaviano are having a blast with the opening of the Tomahawk Tavern in Bunnell.

Meat and Potatoes

But axe throwing isn’t all executive chef Kevin Chaviano and assistant manager Shanna Cowan want to the location to be known for.

“I have an axe in the kitchen I use for tons of things,” joked Chaviano, shortly after the lunch rush on Saturday.

On serious note, in addition to a decade of back of the house hospitality experience, the Philly native brings to the table three years of intense culinary training under internationally renowned Top Chef Hung Huynh at Mamaling’s in Palm Coast.

That dedication to excellence is now reflected as the executive chef at Tomahawk Tavern.

1855 Angus blend Florida cattle make up the menu Chaviano designed from scratch, using local ingredients when possible and placing a focus on complex flavors in the background, while using fresh, quality ingredients in the restaurant’s classic Americana recipes.

“I wanted something that was affordable but really high quality,” he said.

“Hand cut fries, fresh to order, a chuck brisket short rib burger – it’s a steak burger. Our prize to the menu is our 32 ounce Tomahawk Titan ribeye. It’s a 10 inch bone hooked up to 32 ounces of meat about two inches think. It’s a Goliath piece of meat.”

Nothing is left to chance and he’s even built a signature dessert, a fried cheesecake that is unforgettable.

“It’s not fried cheesecake bites, it’s a slice of fried cheesecake and it is amazing,” gushed Conway.

“It’s a slice of banana foster cheesecake wrapped into a rice paper tortilla and then fried, cut up and made pretty on the plate with a nice scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, and some beautiful caramel sauce on top,” described Chaviano in detail.

Serving 80-100 people for their soft opening on Friday evening, Kerri Henderson was among guests ready to try out the dining and entertainment at Tomahawk Tavern.

“Honestly, the food was amazing. The steak mac and cheese was so creamy and made with love. The owner Tony was very friendly and is looking forward to the official opening,” said Henderson. “This family-friendly restaurant will be a great addition to Palm Coast.”

Photo/Tomahawk Tavern

Quality First

Since the new owners took possession of the location, staff has worked steadily to buildout the dining room and the axe room, with future plans to refurbish the stage outdoors for live entertainment on the spacious covered porch and patio area.

Chaviano said owners Jeremy Pombier, Tony Russo and David Kimble are excited to let the Tomahawk Tavern build a reputation for quality and family-friendliness as a great place to go and to work.

Creating about 35 jobs with the opening of the new restaurant this month, Chaviano says they’re still hiring staff, and offering top dollar for good employees, with dishwashers starting at $13, chefs $15/$16, and axe attendants $15/hour.

“We are looking for more staff. I’d rather keep the quality up with the food, and want to bring in good staff, by raising the bar on hourly pay,” he said.

“We thought in Flagler County, what is there to do,” asked Chaviano. “We’re looking to start a theme here and turn it into other things as well. We really want to bring together the community and have fun things, affordable things, for the community to do.”

Tomahawk Tavern

2535 N. State Street (US 1), Bunnell, FL 32110

Hours: Tues, Wed, Thurs & Sun/11:30 am to 9:00 pm

Fri & Sat/11:30 am to 12:00 am



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