You hear your favorite DJ on the airwaves but rarely get a chance to go behind the scenes with them. This week’s Big Five guest DJs on KOOL 100.9 FM among his many talents. Meet Tony Mann.

1. Tell readers about yourself.

My hometown is Syracuse NY, grew up in Liverpool NY and have been living in Jacksonville Florida since 1977. I’m still doing radio since 1981(currently 10-3p weekdays on KOOL 100.9), lived in Daytona 1986 and worked at I-100(blast from the past), Mobile DJ 1985-2020, Married since 2002 to my wife Kim. I also have a podcast with my long time buddy John Scott called “TMann and John-The music freaks” and I have my own internet station TMR-Tony Mann Radio and Tony Mann Productions LLC.

2. How did you get into the radio business?

My dad changed my young life when I was 8. He worked doing sales at WOLF in Syracuse. He decided to take me to work one day, and when I saw the DJ Jim Sims listening to music, wearing shorts and he had his feet up on the console, I said “this is what i wanna do”. After that he took me to the prize closet and let me take home as many 45rpm records as I could carry. SOLD!
I went to Columbia School of Broadcasting and graduated the 2 year course in 14 months.

3. DJing has always been a cool profession. How has it changed over the years?

Technology and corporate owners have changed the landscape of radio. When the FCC lessened the rules of ownership in 1995 that’s when it truly changed. Now people can broadcast from practically anywhere as I do from my home that I sarcastically call “The Tony Mannsion”! I love working for a small company like Flagler Broadcasting because it’s not like the big companies. It’s a family, smaller and a lot less drama! Just like the way it was in the old radio days.

4. DJs often do other types of industry work. Share what else you do and name drop any interesting campaigns or projects you’ve worked on.

Besides the time on KOOL I do voicework! I make commercials for clients, tutorials and voicemail messages, and you can hear and see my work on my website and on the TonyMannChannel on YouTube. I’m also on Facebook.

5. What do you love most about the broadcasting industry?

The perks: Meeting great people all the time and of course, my love for music! I get to talk to the audience, have fun and crank up the tunes! It doesn’t get much better than that.