Local writer Garry J. Peterson, a multi-genre, multi-volume author of several books, both fiction and nonfiction, has just published his fifth book, and first adult romance novel, “Sharks in the City.”Based in San Francisco, this captivating, amusing and audacious romp, features five West Coast women, and their encounters with “men behaving badly,” aka the “Sharks.” It’s an exciting and steamy portrayal of life in the fast-paced Silicon Valley, and an honest depiction of what working women deal with today, but written from a male point of view.As a former consultant and business coach, Peterson now spends his time writing hard science fiction thrillers, adult romance novels, and playing softball in the local senior league. He also conducts both motivational and subject matter speaking engagements.In addition to his business book, “Who Put Me in CHARGE?” Garry has published the first three novels in his five-book epic science fiction series, “Stargate Earth,” where aliens from the future, both good and bad, battle humanity for the survival of Earth! He is currently negotiating movie rights with a West Coast film producer, which has been his creative vision.All of Garry’s books have been published by Robert D. Reed Publishers, and are available at bookstores or online. Visit www.garryjpeterson.com, or find him on Instagram.com/jonathangarrett24.

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