Palm Coast, FL (May 27, 2021) – As the public we often are able to watch members of the television and motion picture industry learn their work has been nominated ahead of big awards shows or watch as their names are called from the stage, but it’s not often that a Flagler County local gets a call from a big name to learn a project he or she has worked on, won.

Recounting the call, Pastor Jearlyn Dennie, known to most as Pastor J, received the news just before hosting a community event on Tuesday evening, and knew it was a full circle moment.

Building relationships while working in Atlanta, Georgia late 2020 and early 2021, Dennie met and collaborated with Dr. Alveda King, niece of the legendary Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on several projects to educate African-American and Latino families about issues near and dear to her heart including school choice and pro-life.

It was while in creative development discussions with members of the team that Dennie came up with the idea of “The Miracle of Christmas” – focusing on the choices made by Mary regarding the birth of Jesus. She was quickly connected to professional animator Erick Tran, the lead animator for “The Simpson’s Movie” and longtime animator for The Simpson’s TV show. Tran had expressed interest in collaborating on a Christian-based project and worked quickly to bring the concept to life.

Photo: Erick Tran/

“The Miracle of Christmas” animated project goes far beyond then just capturing a moment in history or a holiday season we celebrate each year. It is a message of hope, redemption and life. It is a message that we need today more than ever. As a producer, artist, and director who has worked in Hollywood for over 24 years I can say this is one of the most important productions I had the opportunity to work on,”  said Tran, Executive Producer of Ideal Media Entertainment, Chavvo Animation Studios.

The finished product was unveiled just in time to showcase on a Christmas Eve television program hosted by Dennie for the holidays. It was a joyful event Dennie was thrilled to share with the community when she returned to Flagler, and thought nothing more of where it could go from there.

Receiving a call from Tran to tell her that as executive producer of “The Miracle of Christmas” they’d picked up four Telly Awards, for the pastor, it was a near speechless moment.

“I was ecstatic to receive a call from Erick. When he asked for executive producer Pastor Jearlyn Dennie, I went along knowing it was him. To hear him say ‘congratulations’ and that we won four Telly Awards, I was in shock,” said Dennie.

“He and i both spoke about it being a Christian project and how amazing it was to win. We both kept repeating ‘four different categories’ over and over to each other,” she shared enthusiastically.

I am humbled to be part of such a great project that I hope will change the minds of those considering abortion,” said Dennie. “The Bible says that God knew us before we were formed in our mother’s womb. The four Telly Awards will help broadcast the message that the unborn are purposed by him.”

King expressed her delight at being part of the team to champion the unborn and educate the public.

“I was so blessed to be a part of Pastor Jearlyn’s team,” said King. “The issue of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness from the womb to the tomb deserves to be heard. The staggering rate of abortion in our nation is part of a global pandemic and the sanctity of life of the unborn is a civil right and needs to be honored.”

Visit to watch “The Miracle of Christmas“.


The Miracle of Christmas: Telly Award Wins 2021  Chavvo Animation Studios

Silver Telly Award: Craft – Social Video Craft – Use of 2D Animation

Silver Telly Award: General – Social Video – Media & Entertainment

Bronze Telly Award: General – Social Video – Not-for-Profit

Bronze Telly Award: General – Social Video – Social Impact


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