City Council Workshop Meeting on Tuesday, July 12 at 9 a.m.

Topics include Special Events Overview, Florida Park Drive Medians Project, Regional Racquet Center (GMP), General Fund Budget and TRIM Rate Options

Palm Coast – The Palm Coast City Council meets regularly to discuss and vote on official City business. These meetings are open to the public and Palm Coast residents are strongly encouraged to attend. An increase in public engagement helps to build a stronger sense of community, increases valuable discussions, and decreases division.

A workshop meeting will take place beginning at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, July 12, 2022. No action will be taken during the workshop. Details of the items on the agenda are listed below.

  • The Community Development Department will present a resolution to approve the nuisance abatement initial assessment. In Dec. 2010, the City adopted a resolution for Nuisance Abatement, signifying the City’s intent to use the uniform method of collecting non-ad valorem special assessments levied within the City in connection with Ordinance 2010-03 for Public Nuisance. This Resolution is intended to adopt a preliminary assessment roll. The final roll will be prepared and brought back at the Aug. 9th Workshop meeting and the Aug. 16th Business Meeting for action by City Council.
  • The Communications and Marketing Department will provide a presentation about Diversity of Housing survey questions. As part of Strong Resilient Economy priority, staff needs to develop survey questions to present to Palm Coast residents. At a previous meeting, City Council gave survey topic recommendations and this presentation will open the discussion to develop the survey questions to be used as well as a timeline.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department will provide a presentation overview about City Special Events. This presentation will provide a brief description of City events to include expenditures, revenues, and how these events impact the community. The majority of these events are free to the public and provide community engagement opportunities.
  • The Stormwater and Engineering Department will provide a presentation about the Florida Park Drive Median Project. As part of the continued efforts to transform Florida Park Drive, the City had a consultant (LTG, Inc.) perform a feasibility study and perform a design of roadway construction plans for roadway streetscaping/traffic calming modifications at two locations on Florida Park Drive. City staff then advertised the project and received (1) bid that was deemed responsive and responsible. However, the bid came in $205,000 higher than the approved budget and City staff are seeking direction on how to move forward with this project.
  • The Stormwater and Engineering Department present a resolution to approve a contract with P&S paving for the Belle Terre Parkway right-turn lane at Easthampton Boulevard project. This project is part of the Belle Terre Safety Improvements and consists of the creation of a new eastbound right turn lane and left turn lane extension at the signalized intersection of Belle Terre Boulevard and Easthampton Boulevard. City staff advertised the project and received (2) bids that were deemed responsive and responsible. City staff recommends awarding the contract, in the amount of $487,436.35, to the low bidder P&S Paving, Inc.
  • The Stormwater and Engineering Department present a resolution to approve a contract with Paul Culver Construction Inc., DRMP Inc., a work order with CPH Engineers and a 10.11% project contingency for the Lehigh Trailhead Project. City staff completed the design of a trailhead that will provide paved parking and restroom facilities for users of Lehigh Trail. The trailhead will be located adjacent to the Lehigh Trail along Belle Terre Parkway. This item is seek approval of the contracts and expenses for a total project cost of $ 2,522,945. This project is in the Recreation Impact Fee Fund 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan. The project’s construction is budgeted for Fiscal Year 2022.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department will provide a presentation about the Regional Racquet Center Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). On June 28, 2022, staff presented an update to City Council giving an overview of the Lehigh Trailhead and this Recreation Facility and how it will serve as a part of the Southern Recreation Area. The construction management company obtained bids and has established pricing for the Base Bid work, additional pickleball courts, pickleball covering with or without solar and value engineering items. Staff will present Council with this information for review and direction so that a GMP can be established.
  • The Financial Services Department will provide a presentation on the proposed Fiscal Year 2023 General Fund Budget and TRIM Rate Options. The presentation will give an overview of the entire General Fund Budget to include all proposed general fund department operating expenses for the Fiscal Year 2023. The presentation will also include a timeline of important budget dates going forward including two public hearings in September 2022.

Public Comments will be opened at the beginning and end of the business meeting in accordance with Section 286.0114 Florida Statutes and pursuant to the City Council’s Meeting Policies and Procedures. Each speaker will approach the podium, provide his/her name and may speak for up to 3 minutes. Comment cards are available for contact information in order for staff to follow up with each speaker.

Meetings of the Palm Coast City Council typically occur three times per month. A 6 p.m. business meeting on the first Tuesday of the month, a 9 a.m. workshop meeting on the second Tuesday of the month, and a 9 a.m. business meeting on the third Tuesday of the month. All meetings take place in the Community Wing at City Hall at 160 Lake Avenue in Palm Coast.

Business meetings and workshops are open to the public and both are streamed live on the City’s YouTube channel. Meeting agendas for all public meetings are posted in advance of each meeting on the City’s website. All agendas can be viewed here.

If you wish to obtain more information regarding the City Council’s agenda, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 386-986-3713. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons needing assistance to participate in any of these proceedings should contact the City Clerk at 386-986-3713, at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

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