Bunnell, FL – Opening a new business can be overwhelming, but when a team is there to cheer an entrepreneur on, it can be difference between success and failure. Teresa Williams has had plenty of challenges over the past five years including the passing of her mother, but with hard work and a strong support system at her back, she welcomed friends and visitors to Pisces Nutrition over the weekend of January 29-30.
Serving up healthy shakes and teas powered by Herbalife, Teresa Williams proudly opened her own nutrition club, celebrating one month in business with a grand opening weekend at Pisces Nutrition, located in the Bunnell Business Plaza, in Bunnell.
Marking one month since opening the doors to her nutrition café located in the Bunnell Business Plaza, Williams hosted a grand opening celebration where volunteers like Erica Suranie whipped up nutritious Herbalife shakes and refreshing teas for those ready to belly up to the bar.
Tire Kingdom district manager John Kreiger enjoys a stop in at Pisces Nutrition on his day off, to celebrate the nutrition club’s grand opening weekend.
Former Bunnell business owner John Krieger, who recently sold his ice cream shop on US 1, stopped in to check out the new business and welcome Williams to the community.
“First of all it’s awesome and second of all I’m trying to get healthy, so this is the place to be,” said Krieger, in appreciation of the closer-to-home nutrition club.
The two-day grand opening event featured an array of activities and entertainment, drawing club members from Good Vibes Nutrition, the sister location in Palm Coast where Williams solidified her role as part of the Herbalife family, to wish her well, and new faces from the Bunnell community, who she says have become frequent customers.
“I’ve actually reached a whole different community that had never been into any nutrition club, so I’m very excited for that,” she said.
Lending his magical talents to the weekend as part of the entertainment, Mike Randazzo says it’s more than the shakes that draw customers to the nutrition clubs. A Type 2 diabetic, since starting his nutrition program, he’s not only improved his health, he’s connected with a whole new community of like-minded people.
“The most important advance in my life is a result of these people helping me,” said Randazzo. “I don’t have to take mealtime insulin anymore.”
“The fact is, Mike (Granham) is Mr. Positive and Teresa is sweet, so of course, as soon as she opened, I was there getting a shake at her place,” said Randazzo supportively. “She has different ways she does it (for example) the Oreo Cheesecake Shake, she lines the cup with marshmallow fluff. It’s so good.”
Pisces Nutrition owner Teresa Williams, volunteer staff member Erica Suranie and friend Randy Bertrand enjoy the grand opening weekend festivities at the Bunnell nutrition club, located in the Bunnell Business Plaza.
The connectivity between club members is a point of pride for Williams’ mentor, “Coach” Mike Granham, owner of Good Vibes Nutrition in Palm Coast, where Williams says she learned the ropes of opening the business.
“I love seeing people succeed, especially ones that have really been through unimaginable challenges and still focus on helping those around them,” said Granham. “Teresa is all heart, all caring, all loyal and all love.”
“A lot like my coach, I care about people. I want to help people whether it’s with their weight loss, build muscle, or just for people to know they have a safe place to come. I knew I wanted to do this before I helped my coach open up Good Vibes,” said Williams.
“With Coach Mike giving me the opportunity to start opening his
club, all the way through the finish and work there gave me the experience I needed to open my own club.”
Williams is setting her sights on her next big goal and even plans to expand in the future.
“Within the next year I hope to be able to build a team where they can help others,” she said. “That’s how we grow. In the next five years I’d love to have another club, where I’m from and have people run it for me.”
Pisces Nutrition
Owner: Teresa Williams
604 E. Moody Blvd, Suite 3, Bunnell, FL
Located behind Chicken Pantry
Hours: M-F 7 am – 6 pm, Sat: 8 am -2 pm, Closed Sunday


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