August 31, 2021 – Flagler County’s Suzanne Eubanks on Tuesday was deployed to Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida as part of the Northeast Florida Region 3 All Hazards Incident Management Team.

“At this time we only know that we are going into Louisiana but have not been told exactly where,” said Eubanks, who will be working as Logistics Section Chief. “We are traveling today, and will move into the impacted area tomorrow.”

Eubanks works for Fire Rescue as an accountant, but is no stranger to deploying during disasters. She has been deployed five other times to the following locations: Holmes and Bay Counties in 2018 for Hurricane Michael; Monroe County in 2017 for Hurricane Irma; Duval County in 2015 for missing child Lonnie Barton; South Carolina in 2015 for flooding; and, Lee County in 2005 for Hurricane Wilma.

“The Logistics Section Chief is a key position within the Incident Management Team,” said Emergency Management Director Jonathan Lord. “They oversee and coordinate a variety of items for the response including field facilities, transportation, communication, supplies, equipment, fuel, food, and medical support.”

Eubanks will be deployed for two weeks, and is required to be self-sustaining for several days.

“We have a great staff here,” said Fire Rescue Chief Mike Tucker. “It’s not surprising Suzanne will be doing what she can to help the residents of Louisiana.”

Written by: Julie Murphy, MPIO, Flagler County

Public Information Officer


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