Flagler County, FL – Marc E. Dwyer, Esq. is proud to announce the release of his book: “Divorce Your Debts; Keep Your Spouse”.

“This book is the inspired product of the cumulative experiences I have had in helping clients achieve emancipation from debt. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to help thousands rebuild their lives by receiving much-needed relief from crushing, inescapable debt,” Dwyer said.

Marc Dwyer is a partner at Chiumento, Dwyer, Hertel, Grant, with locations in Palm Coast and Ormond Beach, Florida. He has been practicing bankruptcy law for over 18 years. He is admitted to practice in all Federal Districts and Bankruptcy Divisions in the State of Florida.

When asked why he decided to write this book Dwyer said, “From the very first time that I came into contact with an elderly couple who had spent down their entire retirement savings just keeping the debt cycle going, I knew I had to get this message of hope to many more people than I could reach in one-on-one office interviews.”

Dwyer also experienced, through his clients, the dire implication of financial challenges on maintaining a marriage.

“I empathize with the hopelessness that many couples, under the load of debt, experienced on a daily basis. I saw how money problems, or the lack of money, came between husbands and wives, and how it divided families. I witnessed how financial dysfunction caused couples to come into my office seeking divorce and bankruptcy counsel at the same time.”

Dwyer’s book “Divorce Your Debts; Keep Your Spouse” is available exclusively through www.500bankruptcy.com. It is available for free by attending one of Dwyer’s free on-line seminars, or the eBook may be purchased on the website 500bankruptcy.com for $10.00.


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