It was a sweet and heartfelt message that caught the attention of donuts lovers in Flagler County on Friday morning, shared by owner Shannon Willer. The self-proclaimed Queen Bee and founder of one of the area’s most popular sweet shops Swillerbee’s is hanging up her apron and handing over the hub of all things donut-related to another family with a sweet tooth.

While we’ll miss her smile while picking up a bee sting donut, we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Shannon Willer greeting the first customer of 2021.
P L E A S E don’t C R Y…
Usually I am woman of many words, full of wit and often a dash of sass.
Today, this morning as the world slept, the dust settled and everyone was snuggled up in bed…
I rolled out the last batch of dough.
My last over night, my last sprinkled donut.
It’s taken all of me to share with you, the world and my donut family, that I am exhausted.
Closing the doors was never an option, I needed to find the perfect parents for this baby of mine.
I knew they were out there, it was just a matter of our paths crossing.
They did.
The idea of handing over Swillerbees gave me the same feeling you get when you drop your child off for their first day of school.
Nervous, scared, relieved and excited.
Swillerbees is being left in good strong hands.
They’ve been with us in the kitchen for a couple months learning, listening, laughing, and feeling all the love that I have put into all of this.
I asked of them just a couple things, “Please don’t get rid of the Miami vice donut and never stop loving this community.”
So, I’ve been asked what’s next….
I’m gonna be a grandma! Head over heels and beyond the moon excited I might add.
Being still isn’t an option for me, I’m sure I’ll have something brewing by Monday !
I want to thank you all from the deepest depths of my heart.
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your morning, your lives and your daily routine.
Thank you for growing with us, through growing pains, hurricanes and every other wild hiccup along the way.
To my staff past and present, I can’t thank you enough…. the endless days of donuts and dishes!
Lisa, my side kick and soul sister…. love you more than you’ll ever know.
A firm believer that everything and everyone has a match.
Like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies or even peas and carrots.
Our match happens be ice cream.
Waffle Cone and Swillerbees are now best friends!
I’d like to introduce you to Mike and Holly, they own The Waffle Cone.
They will be taking over the Bee on 5/1.
They’ve dove deep into the flour head first and are ready for ya!
I’ll be around, don’t worry. There’s no good byes in the land of donuts!
With endless amounts of sprinkles, I love you all-
Shannon, Queen Bee!


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