As life begins to return to a sense of normalcy, people are getting together for events and activities to reconnect with friends and make new ones. Helping infuse some holiday cheer into the fun, Carla De Gregoris aka Craftsy Carla is putting her crafty talents to good use as a local, small business owner in Flagler County.

1. Tell readers a bit about yourself.

My name is Carla. I am a mother of three beautiful kids. I am married to my wonderful husband who is now a school teacher. We have been living in Flagler County since late 2018. My husband retired from the US Army that year and we decided to move here from the West. My husband loves Flagler County; he remembers coming to Palm Coast as a young child back when “everything was all trees and dirt roads!”

2. How did you get started as Craftsy Carla? 

My passion is Art and designing and creating signs. The idea started when we were stationed in Germany and I believe being around all that beautiful art history inspired me to create. We finally settled in Palm Coast, after many years of travelling and relocating due to the military, my husband set up my humble art studio here at my home. Thus Craftsy Carla was born! I started selling signs and porch learners to neighbors and family and friends and now I’m on Etsy and Facebook.

3. You are hosting some fun, creative holiday events. What are some of the projects you’ve done with groups around the community? 

I have been to many outdoor community public events with my Craftsy Carla booth, such as fairs, fundraisers, Veteran charity events, and I often host paint parties at local businesses, such as cafes and bistros, because I believe firmly in supporting local businesses.

4. How much fun is it to see people who think they can’t be creative make something they’re proud of? 

It is a great joy to see someone create a sign or a painting and observe how amazed they get when they see what they are capable of producing with just a little guidance and wonderful fellowship. It’s mainly why I do what I am doing.

5. If people want to book you for a holiday party or team building event in the new year is it too late? If not, what should they do and how many can be in an event at once? 

No, it is never too late to schedule a paint party with me or a team building event. Anyone can message me or call to discuss and arrange the event. It can be outdoors and in an establishment or even in someone’s home if they wish to do so. I typically host small groups or large groups. The largest group I recall hosting was nearing 25 customers or “future artists”.

Visit her on Facebook at Craftsy Carla.



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