An Open Letter to Flagler County:

In light of recent events at local public meetings, we, as individual members of the Flagler Tiger Bay Club Board of Directors, want to offer our experience to our community.

Three years ago the Flagler Tiger Bay Club was formed in response to an evident lack of civility in our national political discourse.

Our membership, consisting of community leaders – Republicans Democrats and NPAs – from across the county, has been committed to:

• Civility in our conduct and discussions
• Respect for and to all
• Passion on issues without anger

Our members have diverse opinions and do not lack for passion, but all agree that civil discourse is the surest path to understanding and a better community.

We believe this is a road map for a better political environment for us all.



Greg Davis

Don Madden

Gary Walsh

Dr. Joe Saviak

Jim Uveges 

Cheri Orr

Walker Douglas

David Fournier

Ed Fuller

Howard Holley

Teldra Jones

Mark Langello

Jake Scully

Gail Wadsworth

Dr. Kideste Yusef 



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