There are always people looking to cut others out and be the star of the show or try to take charge of the whole project themselves. Maybe they want all the attention and credit for themselves or to take all the compensation paid to complete the project. Perhaps it is ego and insecurity. Our internal issues often externally express themselves in unhealthy and unproductive ways. The problem is major challenges and opportunities almost always require collaboration within a team.

I look at what’s required for success.  I know my strengths and limitations. A team with complementary capabilities helps optimize my talents and make my weaknesses irrelevant. I need the knowledge, skills, and perspectives I don’t have. I am always looking to cut others in and build a team who can best achieve our specific objectives.

Operations must be aligned with outcomes and everything you do as a leader must be mission-centered, customer-focused, and all about your team.  Add team members who add value.  Hire up.  Never fear those who have skills and expertise you lack. They will be your best asset.

I would much rather have less credit, control, or compensation but ultimately see optimal results. It always must be about the mission and not me.