PALM COAST, Fla. – One of the all out funniest productions by City Repertory Theatre opened this weekend in Palm Coast’s City Marketplace.

Starring a cast of new and familiar faces, Scapino! was City Repertory Theatre unleashed.

More than just actors on a stage, the cast’s ease and comfort helped the show flow seamlessly, and the cast/audience interaction broke the ice early for those who often sit quietly during performances, longing to dance and sing along.

They even gave some of them water guns. Yes, it was that much fun.

A ton of laughs, over the top romance, family drama, silly antics, and a slab of sausage made this show an absolute adventure to attend.

Not to mention Saturday marked the uh-hem, 49th (or so) birthday of CRT co-founder and artistic director John Sbordone, it was a sold-out show, as is Sunday’s matinee.

Sbordone was serenaded with a Happy Birthday during the intermission while Sbordone’s closest friend and theatre co-founder and house manager Diane Ellertsen graciously served mini cupcakes to guests.

“Scapino! is a raucous comedy treat that will have you laughing from an opening bubble bath to it’s closing, joyous ending,” said Sbordone.

Kudos to the cast and staff for the creative trip to Naples, Italy.



Scapino! runs for one for more weekend, March 24-26. City Repertory Theatre will host a fashion show in conjunction with Chez Jacqueline, and their final show of the season, Arthur Miller’s ‘All My Sons’, is set for April 28-May 7, 2023.

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