FLAGLER BEACH, Fla. – Opening the evening with a nod to the participating artists and gallery, Flagler Habitat for Humanity President Bill Verhagen and wife Pat walked among the displays of tiny bird houses, each individually painted by an artist from across the region.

Created as a fundraiser for the community organization by the Pineapple Gallery artists, curator and artist Audrey Scherr said it was easy to get artists from the area to participate.

“Every fundraiser is helpful,” said Verhagen. “I think most importantly it’s not just the money that people donate but the awareness of Habitat, the engagement of people to be involved with us. It takes a lot more than just money.”

A guest selects a purchase during the Maisons Des Artistes reception to benefit Flagler Habitat for Humanity at Pineapple Gallery in Flagler Beach on March 18, 2023. © Flagler News Weekly

“When Audrey mentioned she wanted Habitat to be the benefactor of this I had never heard of this before. It’s quite unique,” he said.

The decorative bird houses ranged from bejeweled to whimsical, each reflecting the flair of the artist.

“It’s amazing to see all these people here at the gallery, and they’re all so supportive of Habitat for Humanity,” said Scherr.

“The artists are wonderful and the people here tonight are wonderful,” she said.

Artists Carmine Giglio and Audrey Rosen with Joel Rosen attend the opening of Maisons Des Artistes at Pineapple Gallery on March 18, 2023. © Flagler News Weekly

Former Flagler County Art League artists Audrey Rosen and Carmine Giglio were happy to be invited to take part in the show.

“It was a fun thing to do and it’s a way of getting artists together again,” said Rosen with appreciation. “Since COVID we hardly see each other.”

“I was always intrigued by Habitat. Years ago in Staten Island, I hired some of those people to help me with a project so when Audrey announced this at the last show I was at, I was teasing and said I have a broken one, so I fixed the broken one,” added Giglio.

Artist Gail Artin shows her work at the Pineapple Gallery opening of Maisons Des Artistes on March 18, 2023. © Flagler News Weekly

Pineapple Gallery resident artist Gail Artin created six bird houses, each with it’s own distinctive look.

Located in Flagler Beach across from the Flagler Beach Historical Museum, Artin says the gallery draws both local residents and visitors.

“I’m one of the participating artists in this gallery and we all tried to do a few,” she said.

“I think this is a great location here. It’s very walkable. I think it’s nice that people here kind of have their path they walk and some of them come every week. They love to see what’s going on here and the new art we have.”

“Also, people that are visiting love our walkable downtown area. So, I think it’s very good for the tourists as well.”

Jay Scherr and Greg Davis attend the opening reception for Maisons Des Artistes at Pineapple Gallery on March 18, 2023. © Flagler News Weekly

The show will be on display for the next month and collectors are invited to visit the Pineapple Gallery, located at 208 S. Central Ave., Flagler Beach. Details at www.PineappleArtGallery.com.

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