If you’re a regular visitor to our St. Johns County coastline, it may seem like our beaches are wall-to-wall sea turtle nests this year. Big news – they are! We have officially broken the all-time nesting record of 1,145 in 2019 with 1,160 nests this season… and still counting!

Each of those dots on the map below is a nest — that’s 1098 loggerheads, 45 greens, 16 leatherbacks, and 1 kemps ridley! For comparison, our 2021 total on this date was just 789.

So go out there and have a TURTLELY great weekend — and remember to leave our beaches #CleanFlatDark clean, flat, and dark at night to give our emerging hatchlings their best shot at making it to the sea!

– Crescent Beach Turtle Patrol, August 5, 2022