Palm Coast, FL – If you grew up in the 1970’s there’s a pretty good chance you can’t hear the words ‘conjunction junction’ without launching into the intro of the Saturday morning short.

This week Schoolhouse Rock is hitting the stage at the Flagler Auditorium and among the favorites promised will be the classic ‘Conjunction Junction’.

Performed by a lively City Repertory Theatre cast of six, and directed by Lanice Fagundes, it’s guaranteed to take you back to the days of your childhood, as the entertaining educational songs are introduced to the next generation.

“John Sbordone and I sat down earlier in the year and talked about how we really would love to have more shows that maybe families and children could come to, but also something that our older generation would remember, well not too old, that my generation, our generation grew up with,” said Flagler Auditorium director Amelia Fulmer, smiling.

Fulmer said CRT’s versatility on stage made them the perfect choice for the show.

“Instead of bringing in a professional group to come in, we use the professional actors of City Repertory Theatre to do that show. When you go to City Repertory Theatre to see their shows, you’re just astonished at how professional the entertainment is and how quickly they can put something together,” she said.

The Flagler Auditorium is opening the doors for special midday performance, and for patrons who prefer an early bird show or delight in the laughter of the younger generation, there’s room for them too.

“We’re bringing close to 400 kids from summer camp on the matinee day, but we’ve reserved half of the auditorium so you can still buy a ticket to that matinee,” shared Fulmer.

It’s also the perfect way to beat the heat.

“It’s nice and cool in the Flagler Auditorium,” she added.

Tickets are $15 each or a four-pack for $40.


Later in the Month: ELO – “Ticket to the Moon” on June 25th at 7 PM.

If otherworldly is your kind of entertainment, don’t miss the Electric Light Orchestra tribute show, and support a good cause.

“ELO is all about arts in education, so the revenue we make from that, a huge part of that will go into our Arts in Education fund we use for teacher needs, students, band camp, student need for band, chorus, drama, strings. Since Flagler Auditorium came into being, we’ve given close to $152,000 in grants and scholarship awards through that fund,” said Fulmer.


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