The City of Palm Coast has set the election date and it’s rapidly approaching. What is the Flagler Supervisor of Elections office doing to prepare? 

We were in the middle of a new data server migration, which includes our voter registration database, and an off-site disaster recovery backup when I learned the Mayor resigned. That installation was completed last week. The rest of our off-year projects, such as voter list maintenance and equipment installation will be delayed until after the Special Election.
Senate Bill 90 was signed into law in the beginning of May. Due to the Special Election, we are working double-time to adjust our procedures and policies to be in compliance with the new law, on top of regular election preparations. Special elections are always on an accelerated schedule, and this one is moving at light speed due to the recent law changes. Some of our tasks right now include revamping our website, creating new forms and paperwork, designing and ordering all new balloting materials, new voter registration cards, polling place signage, and most importantly, updating our ballot custody procedures.


It’s a quick turnaround and some folks may be traveling for the summer. What should they do if they want to cast a ballot? 

Many voters are requesting a mail ballot because they plan to be away for the summer. Others are calling the office to confirm their request is still active and making sure they will have a mail ballot for this election. If you already have a mail ballot request on file, ballots will be mailed on June 17. If you need a ballot mailed to an address other than your residential address on file, we need a signed, written request. Anyone with questions is encouraged to call the Elections Office at (386) 313-4170.
Early voting will also be available for this election: July 17 – July 24 at our three regular locations in Flagler County. Hours are 10:00 – 6:00 P.M. each day, including weekends.



1769 E. Moody Boulevard
Building 2, Suite 101
Bunnell, FL 32110
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2500 Palm Coast Parkway NW
Palm Coast, FL 32137
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305 Palm Coast Parkway NE
Palm Coast, FL 32137
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We have a large number of graduates just turning 18 who may not have this election on their radar. How are you reaching them and getting them registered or creating awareness for the deadlines? 

As with every election, we are advertising on our website, through social media posts, the newspaper and on the radio. I am also partnering with the City of Palm Coast to promote election information through City channels, such as Palm Coast Connect and their utility billing notifications.
The deadline to register to vote for this election is June 28, 2021. Register to vote or update your voter registration using Florida’s Online Voter Registration system. You may also complete the paper Florida Voter Registration Application form and deliver or mail it to the Elections Office.


Do you need extra temporary staff to help at the polls as in a regular election, and if so, what should they do? 

Yes, please! Many of our regular election poll workers are traveling this summer! If you’re interested in working, please submit an application and give us a call. Election poll workers are paid in the state of Florida. More info:


Is there anything the community can do to help make this a smooth election for all? 

Can we bring back civility? It’s a good thing, I promise. I have the perfect excuse to stay far and removed from politics, which I enjoy and use often. Not because I don’t have an opinion, but because I feel it’s my duty. As a community, we have more in common than most would care to admit.
This is a nonpartisan election for the Mayor of Palm Coast. Voters, please do your part to research all of the candidates and VOTE! A well-informed and active electorate builds a healthy community. This is your chance to vote for your next Mayor, make sure your voice is heard.
Candidates can help by running a positive campaign, being respectful of our election poll workers and the public, and by following the laws regarding solicitation at polling locations. A candidate’s interaction with the community should be a positive one to build voter confidence in the electoral process. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for everyone to be respectful of the law and each other during an election cycle. Positive campaigning helps promote civility and encourages citizen participation in the electoral process.
I hope we have a great turnout for this Special Election!



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