Tell readers a bit about yourself and how you came to be in Palm Coast. 

I am originally from Lubin, Poland. I was newly married with a young one year old son. Life in Poland was difficult under a Communist regime. Charlie (my husband) and I left as refugees. We landed in NYC on February 1981 with one of my sons in tow. Eventually we settled in Vineland, NJ. In 2004 we came to visit friends who lived in Palm Coast. Fell in love and purchased our first home here within the vacation days. We had a successful Construction business in NJ as well as I was a Realtor. When we moved to Palm coast I got licensed for construction in Florida and in Real Estate. I am the President of Chardani Building and Remodeling and a Realtor with Caldwell Banker Realty. In November of 2014 I was Palm Coast’s business woman of the year, and in 2019, Chardani Building & Remodeling was selected as Business of the year in the construction industry.

You’ve been very active in the community athletically with a golf background. Can you share the story behind your passion for golf and some of your achievements? 

I started golfing when I was 35 years old in Vineland, NJ and completely fell in love with the sport. After practicing 5 days a week for the first three years, I became Atlantic City Country Club’s Champion. I have been playing all over the country and the world since then. We also purchased our forever home in Hammock Dunes since I love the golf club and the beautiful courses. Just this past week I won first place in my flight in our annual club Championship. Two years ago I also started playing pickleball and really enjoy the game. I now play that game as well almost every other day when I don’t have golf tournaments.

Readers may not know that you also have a ministry in addition to being a successful real estate professional. How did you become involved in the ministry and where have you been able to make an impact?

I went to different bible colleges since 2000. With Gods help, after ten years, in 2010 I got my doctorate degree in Religious studies. I am an international speaker for woman conferences around the world to spiritually elevate and help people in need. In 2002 while I was still in Bible college, I got inspired by some of my teachers to help orphans around the world. That year I created ReBirth International Ministry which is a non-profit, non-denominational 501(c) organization. Since 2002 we have built and opened orphanages in Peru, Bolivia, Zambia, Malawi, Nigeria, India and in the lasts five years one in the Ukraine. We continue to support these orphanages financially by sending all funds received to our missionaries in those countries.  Please check our website,

How is your ministry involved with the war in Ukraine and why is it important to you? 

Since in the last two years we have been actively supporting the orphanage which is right outside of Kyiv in the Ukraine, when the war started it broke my heart and made me think of those orphans. I received many phone calls from my friends in Ukraine and Poland informing me of the atrocities and asking for help.

Christian ministries, missionaries and friends of ReBirth International Ministries in Poland who are working at the border and on the ground to provide physical and spiritual support. Through our amazing volunteers, we were able to evacuate all the children in the orphanage ReBirth International Ministries has been sponsoring for the past five years, The Sunshine Children’s Center near Kyiv. Now we have the task of financially supporting them in their new accommodations with all of their needs. There are many more children and adults still waiting for days at the border to flee. They need our help. Our donation help with costs for people fleeing and with supplies needed for people who choose to stay and fight. At this time we are also raising money to purchase airline tickets for fleeing Ukrainians from Poland to other countries. Most of the people fleeing are woman, children and elderly and they really need our help.

How can people help and what are the greatest needs for the people of Ukraine? 

People can help by donating. No amount is too small. 100% of all donations are sent to missionaries and organizations in Poland helping people on the ground with accommodations, clothing, food and placement. People can mail a Check to: ReBirth International Ministries, 9 Avenue Monet, Palm Coast, FL 32137. Donations are also accepted through PayPal or Zelle to email:


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