An exciting moment for Palm Coast as the new Trustco Bank branch is officially opened on Monday, October 25, 2021. From left, Branch Manager Vincent Amore, Flagler County Commissioner Greg Hansen, Palm Coast Mayor David Alfin, and Trustco Bank Florida Regional President Eric Shreck.

Palm Coast, FL – While corporate America becomes increasingly distant from Main Street, there are certain businesses that are intentionally striving to maintain a personal relationship with their customers.

Among those is Trustco Bank.

Few things emphasize a local commitment like hiring someone who knows and loves their community, and as the newest branch of the Trustco Bank family celebrated it’s grand opening on Monday in Palm Coast, it was the homegrown handshake of Vincent Amore that was ready to greet the community.

A proud moment as mom Dianna Niskala stands with son Vincent Amore, during the official grand opening of the Palm Coast Trustco Bank branch on Monday, October 25, 2021.

A Matanzas High School graduate, Amore is known as a baseball player, team builder and family man.  Amore’s mother Dianna Niskala, and wife Rebecca beamed with pride as the red ribbon was officially cut.

“This means the world to him,” said Rebecca Amore.  “He has taken every step towards being here today to show everybody what it is to be a branch manager of a bank. Trustco has given him the opportunity so we can all be together and build Palm Coast to be the best it can be.”

“Today has marked probably one of the greatest days in our lives together,” she said.

The couple relocated from Orlando where Amore honed his professional banking skills, back to their hometown to open up the new Trustco Bank.

“I’m very proud of him. He’s come along way and I know he worked hard to get this branch in Palm Coast,” said mom Dianna Niskala.

While rapid growth may have changed the census numbers, Amore says the core values that make Flagler County special have not.

“I have seen this community grow faster than any community I’ve ever been a part of, but what has always been fascinating to me is how intimate and passionate the people of Palm Coast have remained for their community, as if it were the community of 20 years ago,” said Amore.

Flagler Broadcasting’s Vice President and General Manager David Ayres is joined by DJ Laura Z and Trustco Bank General Counsel Michael Hall for the official grand opening of the Palm Coast Trustco Bank branch on Monday, October 25, 2021.

“I truly believe it’s something that I will never see in another community for years to come. It is something that Eric Shreck, our Florida Regional President and I have agreed on since I started with the company almost 5 years ago – it’s that same hometown neighborhood passion that our company has believed in and will continue to believe in for the next 120 years.”

Flagler County Commissioner Greg Hansen and Palm Coast Mayor David Alfin marked the occasion with speeches celebrating the importance of maintaining the vitality of small businesses and the next generation of young professionals.

“I’m here to welcome Trustco Bank which has offered to become a community partner and to engage themselves fully and totally with our residents. They’ve even taken the door off of their manager’s office to show that they have an open door policy,” said Alfin.

“They’ve chosen a local resident, a young man who grew up here and knows our community like the back of his hand to be their manager. I can’t think of a better way – these are the young people we keep talking about that are the tip of the spear that are coming back to the City of Palm Coast and we will work with them and make that happen.”

While the event drew leadership from New York to take part in the ribbon cutting and grand opening celebrations, it was the support of the Flagler County locals – from the caterers at Swillerbees serving up their craft donuts and the bountiful feast from Carabba’s, to the staff at Trustco Bank who welcomed each guest through the doors like family, that made the day especially meaningful.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the love and support of the community and how we all came together for an amazing grand opening,” said Amore. “Without a doubt this grand opening has definitely made our staff and myself unbelievably grateful for the community that we have.”

Enjoying lunch from Carabba’s, guests attend the official grand opening of the Palm Coast Trustco Bank branch on Monday, October 25, 2021.

Florida Regional President Eric Schreck said it’s the personal, local connection Trustco Bank offers customers that has defined their corporate culture and community banking model since opening the very first branch in Schenectady, New York in 1902.


“In my opinion, it’s the ability to bump into someone in a Publix on a Sunday and just chit chat or see someone out at dinner. I think that makes a big difference in a community bank, and the service we provide,” shared Schreck.

Trustco Bank Florida Regional President Eric Shreck welcomes guests to the official grand opening of the Palm Coast Trustco Bank branch on Monday, October 25, 2021.

“Technology has been great for banking and people in general but it has created a little bit of a disconnect between face-to-face customer service, and we recognize that. While we have all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect with technology, we still have that face-to-face experience for the customer. We want our staff to be accessible.”

“I’ve wanted to have a branch in Palm Coast for years and was thrilled to finally be able to find one.”

Located in the Palm Coast Landing shopping plaza adjacent to the Target Super Center in Palm Coast, find out more by visiting or stopping into the new branch, at 120 Palm Coast Parkway, Suite 28 in Palm Coast.

Featured Photo: Flagler County Commissioner Greg Hansen talks about the value of small businesses in community as Trustco Bank Branch Manager Vincent Amore, Palm Coast Mayor David Alfin and Trustco Bank Florida Regional President Eric Shreck celebrate the official grand opening on Monday, October 25, 2021. FNW/Danielle Anderson


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