Carla Cline, owner of Flagler Surf Art & Stuff in Flagler Beach is known for stepping up and stepping in when times get tough, and this week, she’s at it again, this time, in support of healthcare workers. Take a peek at her message below, and if inspired, lend a hand.
The goal is 1,000 gift cards by the end of the week, and if anyone can do it, she can.
Photo: Flagler Surf Art & Stuff/Carla Cline
Hello folks :)) Right now I’m going through a bunch of emotions and many of them are sad and negative. It completely sucks but instead of wallowing I’ve decided to host a gift card drive for our overwhelmed nurses and support staff at the hospital.
Super easy… Purchase a $20 gift card from a favorite restaurant(s), include a note of thanks ❤and drop them off at:
Mon-Friday 10-4 – 211 S. #3rd St. #6- hours: Mon-Friday 11-5, Sat & Sunday 11-2ish.
Mon thru Sat 10am – 6pm and Sundays 11am-3pm
Mon-Fri 10 to 4
Let’s show the tired, stressed folks who care for us that we care about them. It’s a small gesture that will bring a needed smile to someone’s face. Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing us all make a positive difference. Cheers and Love- Carla
If you are a local business in Palm Coast or Bunnell that wants to help collect cards please send me a message.  – Carla Cline, Owner: Flagler Surf Art & Stuff


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